Hillary Clinton works on her body language

Washington, Sept.29 : Hillary Clinton is trying....and trying hard to improve her body language. She makes eye contact, tilts her head, smiles a lot more and God help...even laughs.

A definite attempt to soften her image. The wooden look is gone.

The Washington Post reports that though her movements are deliberate, she conveys warmth now. It didnt matter what the questions were at the Democratic Debate on Wednesday, she kept cutting in and anwering it her way.

"She showed patience" said one critic, another said "It was masterful".

Experts at KNP Communications, a Washington based consulting firm said that it was the "non-verbals" that play a crucial role in how swing voters pick a candidate.

Candidates have hired communication experts to teach them how to "loosen up" and as the debates get closer to the elections, such advise is crucial.

Clinton apparantly has been getting and taking some massive advise on that score. Her selection of outfits - the pantsuits are giving way to skirts, pastels have given way to colours, she was in electric orange at the debate on Wednesday while the only concession to colour with the male candidates was that four of them wore orange ties!

But its Hillary's smile that seems to literally take the cake. Television show anchors admit that Clinton now has a genuine smile. That degree of warmth cannot be faked, they opine.

Ask Benazir who had a soft smile on her face this week in Washington DC when she spoke of the dangers awaiting her when she returned back home. (With inputs from ANI)