Grandfather with Cancer becomes Uber Driver to Help Family

An elderly driver of Uber is suffering from cancer and is likely to die soon. A university student in the United States has come forward to somewhat better the plight of the dying driver. He has helped raise more than $100,000 for Kenneth Broskey who was diagnosed with Oropharyngeal cancer two years ago. After knowing about his condition, he decided to take up a second job to help his daughter and two grandchildren pay off their $95,000 mortgage.

However, his doctors told him two weeks ago that he was just left with weeks to live. It didn't lead the former real-estate agent to seek admission in a hospital and he instead decided to work full-time to raise money to help his family.

Broskey recently picked up 22-year-old Robert Gainer from Washtenaw Community College and Gainer came to know the reason why Broskey had gotten into the Uber industry. Gainer was so touched by his story that he set up a fundraising page on the website GoFundMe.

Gainer wrote on the post, "He knows that things will be hard without him and like any good father or grandfather. He worries about and wants to protect and provide for his family. It is my hope that you will help us save Ken's house for the sake of his family".

Broskey's daughter is a single mother and waitress. When Broskey's doctor told him that he does not have enough time to live, he started fearing that his family would struggle to find resources to survive once he was dead. This led him to make as much money as he could, so that his daughter and his two grandchildren could continue living in the same house they have been.

His house has been saved, thanks to GoFundMe campaign. Gainer and Broskey have requested people not to donate anymore.