New Bond Girl Olga, Happy To Be Alone?

New Bond Girl Olga, Happy To Be Alone?Olga Kurylenko, who has already created waves worldwide with her upcoming Bond flick ‘The Quantum of Solace’, has claimed that ‘she doesn’t need a man’.

The New Bond girl, who is 28 year old and divorced twice, doesn’t take breaking up as a failure. The actress admitted that as every story has a beginning and an end, so is the marriage which was a story that ended for her twice.

Olga, who became a model, was 16 when she fled to Paris to make it big. She hates to be possessed.

Things Are Unhealthy Between Madonna And Guy

Things Are Unhealthy Between Madonna And Guy The famous pop diva, Madonna, who broke up with Guy Ritchie two weeks ago, was seen at loggerheads with her husband as the settlement money was rejected by Guy.

The UK filmmaker reportedly felt bounded with the ‘marriage contract’, which he signed with her spouse.

The contract, which was allegedly pinned up by the singer at their New York home, held the instructions for Guy on areas regarding as to how often the couple should spend time together and have sex and how to tackle arguments.

Aamir Impresses With His ‘Eight Pack Abs’

Aamir Impresses With His ‘Eight Pack Abs’Aamir is back with his to be released ‘Ghajini’, and has endorsed an all new look not only with his hairstyle but a new persona, which he worked hard for several weeks.

After Shah Rukh worked for the six pack abs for his block buster ‘Om Shanti Om’, it is now Aamir who has developed eight pack abs for the new role he is playing in ‘Ghajini’.

Bhandarkar’s Fashion Takes On Fashion Industry!

Bhandarkar’s Fashion Takes On Fashion Industry!Madhur Bhandarkar’s most expensive film to date ‘Fashion’ has been released with its staggering 700 prints worldwide. The National award winner who seems to be inspired from the fashion industry has tried to portray the same world on screen and has been successful -- in projecting the fashion industry’s realm onto celluloid.

Sun TV Rolls Out Its FM Station At Siliguri

 Sun TV Rolls Out Its FM Station At Siliguri Sun TV Network, promoted by Kalanidhi Maran, set up its FM Radio Station at Siliguri of West Bengal under the brand 'S FM' from 28 October through its subsidiary South Asia FM Ltd.

The listeners of Siliguri can tune to the station at 93.5 MHz frequency.

The South Indian company believes that the programs of the station will cater to the needs of all age groups.

With this, the total number of operational FM Stations of Sun TV has gone up to 43. The company holds licenses for 45 FM radio stations across India.

Golmaal Returns: Movie Review!

Golmaal Returns: Movie Review!  This season ‘Golmaal’ is back with ‘Golmaal Returns’, alas not with a bang but with a whimper. One of the most awaited flicks of the season is a sheer remake of 1973’s ‘Aaj Ki Taza Khabar.

A Marathi film was also inspired from the same story, which was made during 80’s, though both of them managed to impress the audience, the contemporary one fails to do so.