M&M signs JV with Australian partner

Chandrayaan-I in final lap

12,000-year-old shaman skeleton unearthed by Israeli archeologists

12,000-year-old shaman skeleton unearthed by Israeli archeologistsRecently, the Israeli archeologists dug up the skeleton of a female spiritualist that seems to have been buried 12,000 years ago.

Leore Grosman, the archeologist at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, who led the excavation, reported, "The grave, which also held 50 tortoise shells, a leopard pelvis and a human foot, is thought to be one of earliest burial sites of a shaman on archeological record and is the first of its kind found in the Middle East."

Fastest and greenest HDD invented by Seagate

Ford to Invest $500 Million in India; Small Car by 2010

Ford India Pvt. LtdFord India Pvt. Ltd announced an investment of $500 million in India and introduction of a small car by year 2010. Ford, in India sells Ikon, Fusion and Fiesta cars, and the Endeavor sports-utility vehicle.

Michael Boneham, president of Ford India Pvt. Ltd. Said, "The Credit crunch and the lack of confidence has affected in the short-term." Mr. Boneham further added that the plans for new models of Ikon are on track despite the difficulties.

India To Export 2 MT wheat Owing To Problem Of Plenty

Agriculture Minister Sharad PawarAgriculture Minister Sharad Pawar, after meeting the farm ministers from South Asian countries, told reporters that "We have set aside two million tonnes of wheat that will be given to countries which have been asking for it through diplomatic channels."

Although India had banned wheat exports in 2007, analysts say that robust output and higher stocks at government warehouses have enabled India, the world's second-biggest producer, to set aside some wheat for overseas supplies.