Sitting near a stranger might be start of friendship

Sitting near a stranger might be start of friendship

Longer days lift spirits, while shorter skirts bring on the flirt

Hamburg - Buds are sprouting, birds are twittering and the convertibles and sunglasses are coming out.

Acrylic materials make comeback at Milan furniture trade show

Milan - Natural and organic materials are current trends in furniture design, but in the coming months synthetic materials that were popular in the 1980s are to make a comeback.

Eat something before spending the night outdoors

Stuttgart - Outdoor enthusiasts should always have a meal before sleeping in the great outdoors, according to the Stuttgart- based magazine Outdoors.

Concern about environment enters world of home furnishings

Milan - The environment and climate change have become current and definitive topics in the design of home furnishings.

Natural aromas best for sauna visits

Bielefeld, Germany - Sauna enthusiasts are advised to use only naturally scented concentrates when pouring water on hot rocks, according to Germany's Sauna Association in Bielefeld.