DeGeneres using own money to fight Palin-backed same-sex marriage ban

Sarah PalinNew York, Oct 23 : Newlywed Ellen DeGeneres is shelling out 100,000 dollars of her own money in hopes of quashing Sarah Palin-backed California''s Proposition 8, which seeks to ban same-sex marriages.

DeGeneres, who wed partner Portia di Rossi this summer, has released a short video through NoOnProp8. com urging Californians to vote against the controversial measure, and has now made a media buy to create a longer television commercial.

"I got to do something this year I never thought I''d ever be able to do," the New York Daily News quoted DeGeneres in her video, as saying.

Aborigine rock art may revise Australia’s history books

Washington, Oct 23: Thousands of Aborigine rock paintings discovered in the remote ranges of northern Australia may force a rewrite of the nation’s history books, as the art, which is 15,000 years old, depicts contact with other cultures possibly centuries before the arrival of the British.

The paintings were found in the Arnhem Land, which juts out into the Arafura Sea at the top of Australia.

According to a report in National Geographic News, the library of Aborigine history shows ships—including WWII destroyers and ocean liners—extinct animals, and modern inventions, such as bicycles, planes, and cars sketched onto the walls of rock shelters in the Aborigine territory of Arnhem Land.

Nicolas Sarkozy to sue publisher over voodoo doll

French President Nicolas SarkozyParis - French President Nicolas Sarkozy is going to court to force a French publisher to take off the market a voodoo doll in his image, French media reported on Thursday.

The doll, 20,000 of which went on sale on October 9, comes with a manual and a dozen pins that can be stuck through well-known quotes of his - such as "Work more and earn more," or "Bugger off, you ass" - which are printed on the doll.

Bulgaria offers troubled mill to India-born magnate Lakshmi Mittal

Sofia - The Bulgarian government on Thursday invited the world's largest steel concern, Arcelormittal, to take over the troubled Kremikowtzi mill.

"It is one of the world's best-known enterprises," Economy and Energy Minister Petar Dimitrov said, announcing the decision to call in the company of the India-born billionaire Lakshmi Mittal.

Lakshmi's younger brother, Pramod, already owns the majority stake

in the debt-ridden Kremikovtzi mill, near the capital Sofia, which went bankrupt in August.

Dimitrov said however that the government is negotiating the sale of its 25-per cent stake in Kremikovtzi with "other domestic and foreign candidates."

Singapore and Karachi bourses to collaborate

Singapore - Singapore Exchange Limited (SGX) and Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to collaborate for the benefit of the financial services industries in Singapore and Pakistan, officials said Thursday.

The MOU aims to foster a closer relationship between the two exchanges.

The pact, which was signed in Singapore on Wednesday, includes sharing best practices regarding each exchange's products as well as the operation and governance of their respective markets.

"This MoU fosters a closer relationship between the two exchanges. We look forward to working with KSE to help develop our respective financial markets," said SGX chief executive officer Hsieh Fu Hua.

Asia must join response to financial crisis, EU says

Beijing - Major Asian economies Japan, China and India must play a full role in overcoming the global financial crisis, European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso said on Thursday.

"We need to take the lessons of the crisis for reform of the global financial system," Barroso told reporters ahead of a summit of Asian and European leaders.

"We need Asia on board," he said, adding that the participation of China, India and Japan was vital for a global solution to the crisis.

"Apart from the financial dimensions of the crisis, there are major imbalances in global trade," Barroso said.