Sex crimes soaring Down Under

Sex crimes soaring Down UnderMelbourne, Apr 27 : There has been a drastic increase in the number of sex crimes Down Under, according to a new report.

The recent police figures on pub and club offences have revealed that there were 61 sexual attacks in Victorian licensed premises last financial year including 22 rapes and 39 sexual assaults.

According to the police and rape support groups, drunk and drug-affected women in bars were easy targets of sex predators.

Most rapes took place in toilets, private rooms, alcoves and offices and sexual assaults happened anywhere from beer gardens to dance floors.

Abandoned children back in Germany after pizzeria stranding

Abandoned children back in Germany after pizzeria stranding Olpe, Germany  - Three young children - abandoned in an Italian pizzeria after their mother and her companion ran out of cash - arrived home Friday in Germany, where they have been made wards of court, authorities in the district of Olpe said.

Two child protection officials from Olpe, east of Cologne, had travelled the day before to Aosta in Italy to pick them up.

Czech police detain former Ku Klux Klan leader on hate crime charge

Czech policePrague  - Czech police reported Friday detaining David Duke, former leader of US extremist group the Ku Klux Klan, on suspicion of denying the Holocaust in a book.

Duke arrived in Prague earlier this week at the invitation of local neo-Nazis to publicize the Czech translation of of 1998 memoir My Awakening.

Police have charged him with denying in the book that the systematic mass murder of Jews and other ethnic groups by Nazi Germany during World War II ever took place, a hate crime in the Czech Republic punishable by up to three years in prison, police spokesman Jan Mikulovsky told the German Press Agency dpa.

Sydney police investigating nail-gun slaying

Sydney police investigating nail-gun slayingSydney - Austra

Police chase 160 kilometres after 75-year-old shoplifter

Police chase 160 kilometres after 75-year-old shoplifter

UN tribunal offers to hear Somali piracy cases

United NationsHamburg  - A United Nations tribunal has offered to hear cases involving Somali pirates, or to assist other courts in interpreting laws that apply on the high seas, a German newspaper reported Wednesday.

On its website, Die Welt quoted Jose Luis Jesus, president of the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea, saying his court in the German city of Hamburg was available to hear piracy cases.

"Piracy is dealt with in articles 100 to 107 of the UN Convention on Law of the Sea," he said. "That is why the tribunal is willing to try every case of piracy which the states desire it to hear."