Arms cache found outside Istanbul in connection to coup plot

Arms cache found outside Istanbul in connection to coup plotAnkara - Ten people, including four military officers were taken into custody Wednesday after investigators found a buried cache of weapons thought to be connected to a plot to overthrow Turkey's moderate Islamist government, Turkish media reported.

Grenades, anti-tank rockets, hand guns and ammunition were amongst the armaments found during the search in a forested area of Poyrazkoy, NTV said. No official statement had been released as of Wednesday evening.

Buckingham Palace cops ''sat on Queen's throne'', sold porn

Buckingham Palace cops ''sat on Queen''s throne'', sold pornLondon, Apr. 22: A former Royal cop has claimed that police officers stationed at Buckingham Palace spent their night shifts running gambling syndicates, selling hard-core pornography and posed for pictures on the Queen’s throne.

A jury has heard the extraordinary account of how Royal protection officers slept off hangovers in private palace rooms, smuggled “uninvited and unvetted” guests into Royal garden parties and allowed business associates to park their cars at Buckingham Palace.

Octogenarian Pak man forcibly marries 12-year-old

Octogenarian Pak man forcibly marries 12-year-oldMirpur Khas (Pakistan), Apr. 22: A case has been registered against an 80-year-old Pakistani man for allegedly kidnapping, forcibly marrying and keeping a 12-year-old girl in illegal confinement for a year.

Addressing a press conference, Shabana’s father Sabir Shaikh said that he, along with his family, had gone to the house of his brother Abdullah Shaikh in Karachi last year.

The apprehended accused, Rasool, and his brother Abdul Malik who are also his relatives kidnapped his daughter, he added.

Imported Thai sex workers ‘traded, possessed and used for profit’

Imported Thai sex workers ‘traded, possessed and used for profit’Melbourne, Apr 22: At a court hearing in Australia it was revealed that five Thai women, who were imported for the sex industry, were told that they had to service up to 750 clients before they could earn their own money.

Four men, Kam Tin Ho, Ho Kam Ho, Chee Fui Hoo and Slamet Edy Rahardjo, believed to be involved in the racket, are now facing trial in the Victorian Supreme Court.

Convicted German paedophile arrested in the Philippines

Convicted German paedophile arrested in the PhilippinesManila - A German man convicted of raping a 5-year-old girl in his country has been arrested in the Philippines, a senior immigration official said Wednesday.

Immigration bureau chief Commissioner Marcelino Libanan said Holger Arvid Ingo Becker, 47, was arrested in his rented house in Cavite City, 25 kilometres south of Manila, earlier in the month.

Libanan said Becker, who is the subject of an international warrant, would be deported immediately back to Germany.

Foreign ministry official arrested for fraud in Vietnam

Foreign ministry official arrested for fraud in VietnamHanoi - Vietnamese police arrested a former Ministry of Foreign Affairs official for using forged foreign documents to defraud investors of more than 3 million dollars, local news reports said Wednesday.

Lt Col Ho Ngoc Ngai, head of the Hanoi Police Department's division for economic security investigations, said agents arrested Nguyen Thanh Ha, 50, director of the Thanh Ha company, on Monday.