Fortis plans to invest 1200 Crore in Rajasthan

Fortis Healthcare has announced its plans to invest over Rs 1,200 crore in Rajasthan in the next 10 years. The company will ramp up operations in the state and will also set up of a medical institute.

Fortis CEO Mr. Shivinder Mohan Singh said in his statement, "The plan for Rajasthan is to invest over Rs 1,200 crore on increase bed capacity, which will also include partnership with government hospitals and also set up of medical institute."

Ranbaxy group company Fortis healthcare has medical facilities in many states of India. The company offers high class medical treatment and offers latest medical technologies for treatment. The company officials stated that Fortis will be happy to work in joint venture with State government as well.

Currently, Fortis is operating a 163-bed hospital in Jaipur. The company has finished first phase during which has spent Rs 110 crore. Fortis plans to extend its services in second phase in Jaipur. Over next 10 year, the bed capacity may be increased to 2500.

Fortis currently has 700 employees and 74 per cent are from Rajasthan. Fortis is in process of getting approval for the medical college. The medical institute will produce around 2,000 graduates annually as doctors, nurses and other medical professionals.

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