Former Homeless Shelter Resident shoots shelter’s Head

According to the New York City Police Department (NYPD), a former resident of a New York homeless shelter shot and killed a Whitestone mother, who served as the director of the shelter. Before shooting her, the former resident tried to rape her, the NYPD report added.

The woman murdered has been identified as 36-year-old Ana Charle, who was a native of Spain. According to the police, the woman was found with a gunshot wound lying on the sidewalk in front of 4366 Bullard Ave.

As per reports of the New York Post, before shooting the woman, the suspect allegedly ordered Charle into the back seat of her car and told her to take off her clothes. He also tried to rape her, as per the reports. Somehow, she fled from the car, but was shot by the suspect. After the incident, Charle was taken to hospital where doctors pronounced her dead.

Police said that a 39-year-old man, West Spruill, of 8 E. 109th St. in Manhattan, was arrested in the case. The police also recovered a firearm from the man. According to the reports, Charle worked at the shelter since 2013, when the shelter opened. The shelter aids men, who are mentally ill. Most of them have addiction problems.

A complaint filed by Bronx District Attorney Robert Johnson stated that the accused West Spruill has been charged with murder, manslaughter and criminal possession of a weapon. According to police, the investigation was ongoing.

Neighbors of Charle said that she was a reserved woman who used to spend a lot of time with her two daughters. Tom Smith, a neighbor, said, "No one really knew her very well because she was so quiet. She'd go to work and come home and that's it. But she was always respectful and a great neighbor".