Five-in-one combo pill for reducing heart attacks by more than 50 percent!

Five-in-one combo pill for reducing heart attacks by more than 50 percent!According to a three-year long study conducted by researchers of the Bangalore-based St John’s Medical College, a five-in-one combo pill – Polycap - can prove beneficial in reducing the heart attack or stroke risk by as much as 50 percent, even more!  

The researchers, three St. John’s doctors - Prem Pais, Denis Xavier and Alben Sigamani – and experts from Canada’s McMaster University, who were part of the global breakthrough of Polycap, said that once the wonder pill gets approved by the Drug Controller General of India, it will become available in the markets.  

Manufactured by the Indian pharmaceutical company Cadila, the polypill is a combination of five drugs into one – which include three blood-pressure lowering drugs, a statin and aspirin. The findings by researchers depict that a 12-week usage of the polypill helps reduce blood pressure and cholesterol, without any increased side-effects.

Though the development and clinical testing of the pill was undertaken in Bangalore, the study was carried on in 50 centers across India, with the conclusions being based on a sample of 2,053 people aged between 45 and 80 years.  

Dr Pais, St’ John’s dean elaborated on the future prospects of the research, saying: “The second phase of the study which will be commencing in 2010 would focus on the efficacy of the drug to reduce deaths, heart attacks and strokes.”