Dealers still against electric cars

Dealers still against electric carsExperts have said that car dealers in the country are still against selling electric cars in the country mainly due to their ideological background.

They said that dealers are often ideologically opposed to electric cars.  Obama Administration is leading the way to boost the sales of electric cars in the country in order to reduce automobile emissions.  The administration has asked the automakers to double their aggregate fuel economy by 2025 and automakers have said that addicting electric vehicles to their offering is one way to increase fuel economy.

The buyers also get a federal subsidy of $7,500 when they purchase an electric car in the country.  Experts pointed out that there is still a lack of adequate infrastructure to support electric cars in most cities.  Dealers are forced to pay for charging stations and also have to spend extra money to train employees in selling electric cars.  The dealers are also required to pay for training staff in maintaining these cars and thus they are reluctant to sell electric cars instead of gasoline cars that require less expertise.  Electric cars require much less service than gasoline cars but it will still take some time for the cars to become mainstream in the market.