Porsche once again emerges as the best for Quality

Porsche once again emerges as the best for Quality

Porsche has once again turned to be the top brand for quality in the 2015 survey involving more than 84,000 car buyers. The survey was conducted in February and March by the J. D. Power consulting firm.

Kia and Jaguar were in second and third place respectively while Kia's sister brand Hyundai was at fourth. Infiniti rounded out the top five finishers in the survey.

The worst-performing brands were Fiat, Smart, Chrysler, Subaru and Jeep. According to John Humphreys, senior vice president of JD Power, the Korean brands have been improving quality for years. They are bringing consumers into the process as they design cars, especially with electronics.

Porsche starts recall of vehicles in China

Porsche starts recall of vehicles in ChinaBeijing, Oct 19 - Luxury carmaker Porsche (China) is recalling 218 vehicles in the Chinese mainland due to a design defect, the country's consumer quality watchdog said Friday.

The defect means that the driver will not have an accurate reading of how much fuel has been used

According to the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, the vehicles, including Cayenne, Cayenne S Hybrid, Cayenne GTS, are being recalled because of a software design defect in the vehicles' instrument panel system, reported Xinhua citing an official statement.

Porsche sells 117 cars in India in October

Porsche sells 117 cars in India in OctoberPorsche has said that it has sold more than 117 cars in the month of October in India as it started its retail operations in the country.

The company started its first month of retail operations in October as Porsche India started importing cars into the country. The company became a part of Volkswagen Group Sales India Private Limited earlier this year. Before the company had become a part of Volkswagen Group, Porsche cars were sold through an importer Precision Cars India.

Porsche Cajun Gears to Take on Range Rover Evoque

Porsche Cajun Gears to Take on Range Rover EvoqueIn a bid to take on its arch rival, the three-door Range Rover Evoque, Porsche is all set to make a grand entry with its three-door Prosche Cajun to be launched in two years. Even the German automaker is drafting to launch its five-door version already.

It is believed that the new crossover resembles the 911 design lines and the overall design is somehow taken from the legendary 959 rally-raid racer. However, it has been kept in mind that it should look different in between the herd of other cars.

Indian Auto Industry Stuns the World

autoWhat if India was earlier not affluent enough, with a very small car market and may be for that matter, it had never been a preferred destination for the top car manufacturers in the world but for now the things seem to have changed for so called developing country, India. The great Indian auto industry has developed manifold, with it to have stunned the world by becoming one of the world’s fastest growing auto industry today.

Porsche expands its presence in India

PorscheWhile luxury car makers like Porsche have been well accepted by the Indian consumer but there is no denying that the Indian market is very small in front of China, especially in the luxury car sales. Perhaps this is the reason for Porsche's slow and steady expansion in the country.

However, the company has recently opened a new showroom at Hotel Ashoka, New Delhi and it will be a new home within India's burgeoning market for exclusive cars.

Porsche launches its second-generation Cayenne in India

Cayenne-SPorsche, the renowned German luxury car maker, launched its range of second-generation Cayenne models today in an Indian showroom.

The five new models - Cayenne, Cayenne S, Caynne Turbo, Cayenne Diesel and Cayenne S Hybrid, priced between Rs. 65.82-lakh to Rs. 1.27-crore, have already received bookings of at least 70 units in the Indian market.

The Cayenne has been priced at Rs. 65,82,000 while the  Cayenne S, Caynne Turbo, Cayenne Diesel  and Cayenne S Hybrid have been priced at Rs. 78,62,000, Rs 1,27,10,000, Rs 59,22,000 and Rs 75,46,000 respectively.

New-gen Porsche Cayenne debuts in India

PorscheOperating under an environment where Indian are developing love for luxury cars at a new level, Porsche has also decided that it is not going to miss on the Indian luxury train. In fact, Precision Cars India, the official Porsche importer for India has recently unveiled the second generation Porsche Cayenne in the Indian market.

As the national launch of the product took place in the Mumbai region, the company said that the product offers more power on less fuel, greater efficiency and lower CO2 emissions.

All new Porsche 911 GTS RS on Indian roads

All new Porsche 911 GTS RS on Indian roads The all new Porsche 911 GTS hits Indian roads with speed. German maker, Porsche, the much acclaimed speed monster has unleashed its latest super-speed car-Porsche 911 GTS RS that speaks of speed at an 'exclusivity'. The GTS series will be launched with only 500 models across the world making it an exclusive product.

Porsche eyes double-digit growth in Asia

Porsche-LogoThe German luxury car maker Porsche AG is expecting a double digit growth from its Asian operations. In fact, experts have even labelled the Indian market one of the priority markets for the luxury car maker followed by markets like China.

Porsche Boxster Spyder takes its cues from James Dean car

Porsche Boxster Spyder takes its cues from James Dean car Los Angeles  - The new Porsche Boxster Spyder, which celebrates its world debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show in December, takes its design cues from the legendary Porsche 550 in which actor James Dean died.

Two humps stretching over the rear create the illusion of a longer body and are a reminder of the days of the Carrera GT. Designed mainly for open-top travelling, a simple vinyl construction operated by hand shields the two occupants from rain if necessary.

German tuners turn Porsche's family sportster into muscle car

High-tech paints and elbow grease can keep that car bodywork gleamingStuttgart  - The new Porsche Panamera has only recently been unleashed on the public but German specialist tuners are already aiming to turn the four-door family sportster into a mean-looking street racer with blistering performance.

Lumma Design based near Stuttgart has heavily modified the appearance of the grand tourer to create the CLR 700 GT. The monster body kit includes a new front end with spoiler, 22-inch alloy wheels

and a huge rear wing.

Porsche to investigate forced labour under Hitler

Porsche to investigate forced labour under HitlerStuttgart  - German luxury carmaker Porsche is to take a critical look at forced labour carried out in its factories under Nazi rule, the company said on Sunday.

Suggestions that hundreds of people were forced to work at Porsche for little or no pay are to be investigated by external experts, the company's head archivist told Israel's Haaretz newspaper.

A Porsche spokesman said the carmaker had assumed there had just been a small number of forced labourers, but it has recently become apparent that the number was likely to be far higher than previously thought.

Porsche pins hopes on new Panamera grand tourer

Porsche pins hopes on new Panamera grand tourerFrankfurt - With carmakers struggling for sales amid global recession, Porsche's new Panamera sports saloon could hardly have come at a worst time.

The Panamera weighed in officially at the Shanghai auto fair earlier this year but the five-door hatchback is one of the big stars at the Frankfurt Motor Show being held in Germany's financial capital from September 17-27.

The market success of the new Porsche is vital for the future of the iconic German marque after a year of turmoil and uncertainty, marked by a takeover drama and a sharp fall in sales.

Qatar takes stake in VW-Porsche group

Qatar takes stake in VW-Porsche groupFrankfurt - The Gulf state of Qatar is to become a key shareholder in the new car powerhouse to be forged by leading German auto makers Volkswagen AG and Porsche SE, the companies said Friday.

Qatar Prime Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani signed the agreement just 24 hours after VW sealed a deal with the iconic German sports carmaker Porsche to merge the two auto manufacturers.

Porsche warns it faces five billion euros loss

Porsche warns it faces five billion euros lossStuttgart - Luxury German sports carmaker Porsche SE warned Wednesday it is facing a pre-tax loss of up to 5 billion euros (7.1 billion dollars) in the group's business year ending July 31.

The Stuttgart-based group said that the loss was due to an expected loss on the planned sale of options it acquired during its now failed attempt to takeover Volkswagen AG, Europe's biggest carmaker.

Porsche is currently holding negotiations with Volkswagen on a takeover after VW turned the tables on the legendary sports car group and launched a bid for the company.

Porsche plans to sell 50 units of Panamera in India

Porsche LogoGerman car maker Porsche is chalking out plans to sell at least 50 units of its yet to be launched premium luxury sedan Panamera in India, notwithstanding adverse market condition due to global slowdown.

The luxury cars are expected to hit Indian roads by October 3 and customers have already booked 13 cars in India according to Precision Cars India's Managing Director, Rod Wallace.

Precision Cars India imports the Porsche range of cars and sells Special Utility Vehicle Cayenne in the country. The company entered in Indian market three years ago and has sold around 650 cars by now.

Porsche deeper in debt than thought - 14 billion euros, says report

Porsche deeper in debt than thought - 14 billion euros, says report Berlin - German sports car manufacturer Porsche is in worse financial situation than previously thought, with debts of up to 14 billion euros (20 billion dollars), German news magazine Focus reported Saturday.

The revised figures emerged during marathon talks hammering out a takeover bid by German carmaker Volkswagen AG (VW), which would make Porsche the 10th brand in a new global automotive giant.

Wiedeking's right-hand man takes over as Porsche chief

Wiedeking's right-hand man takes over as Porsche chiefStuttgart - Michael Macht is taking over as Porsche chief, having helped the legendary sports carmaker's outgoing head to steer the company through some of its most turbulent times.

After nearly a decade as Porsche's production chief, the 48-year Macht is seen as a protege of Wendelin Wiedeking, who stepped down early Thursday after 16 years of running the company and after losing a bruising power struggle over the future of the sports car group.

Porsche supervisory board supports Qatar deal

Porsche Porsche Automobil Holding SE, German luxury car maker has informed that company's supervisory board collectively propped up the executive board's decision to seal discussions with Qatar Holding LLC on a lifting of Porsche capital.

Board's current move has paved the way for the Gulf state of Qatar to take a stake in the company prior to creation of integrated group with German automaker Volkswagen AG.

Debt-ridden needs urgent financial injection from Qatar to evade the possible vending of its most-important sports-car operations to Volkswagen.

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