Charity thief sentenced to one month jail

Canberra-jailIn Canberra, a 32 year old man has sentenced to jail for one month for stealing a charity tin. Brendan Dickson, who lives in Waramanga, was accused of taking the charity tin and put it into his clothes, when he went to a Canberra restaurant, Zambrero, last January. He was caught on CCTV, while stealing the charity tin from service counter.

The charity tin was decorated with Christmas wrapping, with a smiling photo of the boy. Also it had a notice that the donation gathered, will be used to help the family of the five-year-old who is suffering from stem cell tumor and it had the words, Dylan Cook Appeal.

The fund was being raised for a critically ill five year old boy who was suffering from brain cancer.

Dickson testified before the ACT Magistrates Court that if he had known that the money was being raised for charity, he wouldn't have stolen the tin as he is not scum.

He further said that as his girlfriend is suffering from cancer, he was under a lot of stress. For stealing the tin and two other counts of theft, Lorraine Walker gave sentence of one month jail.