Cervélo enters e-bike arena with launch of Rouvida road & gravel bike

Cervélo enters e-bike arena with launch of Rouvida road & gravel bike

Cervélo, a Canadian bicycle brand revered for its high-performance road bikes, has finally made an eagerly-anticipated foray into the electric bicycle (e-bike) market with the launch of the Rouvida—a dynamic road-to-gravel transformer. Notwithstanding its late entry into the e-bike realm, Cervélo's inaugural electric offering boasts the perfect blend of innovative technology, adaptability and premium features and robust performance.

The Cervélo Rouvida’s meticulous design incorporates lightweight carbon fiber for the frame as well as fork, which ensure not only agility but also durability. This blend of materials maintains the e-bike's responsiveness and strength, which is crucial for tackling rugged terrains that come across during gravel rides.

At the heart of the e-bike lies the Fazua Ride 60 electric motor – a German-engineered power unit renowned for its lightweight construction as well as capability of delivering easy pedal assist. With an impressive torque of 60 Nm and a peak output of 450 watts, the e-motor offers efficient assistance, propelling the two-wheeler to a top speed of 15.5 miles per hour (mph). Paired with a 432-Wh battery pack that comes cleverly positioned in the downtube, this system not only boosts performance but also improves aerodynamics, contributing to condensed drag and enhanced efficiency.

The standout feature of the Rouvida is its swift transition from a road bike to a gravel bike, achieved not merely by tire changes but through the amalgamation of flip chips on the front and rear dropouts. This mechanism permits seamless adjustment of the e-bike’s geometry, making sure that riders can easily switch between road and gravel configurations within a few minutes. This versatility will definitely help in addressing the demands of diverse terrains.

Describing the inaugural e-bike, Cervélo’s official website states, “That’s right, Rouvida comes in two configurations: road and gravel. We designed some clever interchangeable dropouts that significantly alter the geometry of the bike, so the road bike feels like a road bike, and the gravel bike feels like a gravel bike. No compromises, just speed.”

Scheduled for release in January 2024, the Cervélo Rouvida is currently set to hit only the UK and European markets. It won't be available in Canada or Australia due to certain regulatory issues. When it comes to pricing, the base model of the e-bike costs US$6,200, while top-of-the-line Rouvida Red XPLR AXS 1 comes with a premium price tag of US$13,000.

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