Call girl pleads guilty in killing of Google executive

On Tuesday, a California prostitute pleaded guilty to involuntary killing. It is related to the death of a playboy Google executive whom she killed by injecting with a fatal dose of heroin aboard his yacht. Alix Tichelman pleaded guilty to all charges in the six-count indictment. The case headed for a preliminary hearing in Santa Cruz County Superior Court. She was sentenced to six years jail by a judge.

According to a prosecutor, Tichelman who is a high-priced call girl didn't want to kill Forrest Hayes. She and the victim were partying together and Tichelman helped Hayes take injection that proved to be a lethal dose. It can be seen in the surveillance video that Tichelman was frightened as Hayes fell on the floor.

Santa Cruz Assistant District Attorney Rafael Vazquez gave new details of the unreleased recording. According to Vazquez, "At one point, she wraps her arms around him, almost like a hug, and she's cheek to cheek". It was seen in the video that Tichelman was crying and scampering through the boat prior to slamming a glass of wine and bolting, leaving Hayes.

Prosecutors' decision not to file murder charges was defended by Vazquez. The prosecutors did so even after being pressurized by critics who said that the killing was an intended plan to finish the wealthy businessman's life. He added that the evidence showed that it was a case of a chaotic, unintentional overdose.

Tichelman's primary crime was leaving the executive without calling for help. Vazquez said that being liable for the death of a human being, one should spend time in the state prison. Hayes was father of five and as per reports, his family did not attend the hearing.