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BBC magazine revamps itself, gets digital

BBCIt is the latest buzz that suggests that BBC-owned Radio Times has been given a bit of makeover, sporting a new cover design and other futuristic aspects in order to compete with its rivals.

BBC Radio times recently seemed to be in dilemma with its uncertain future and with plans to trade off. It was rumoured that Radio Times will be sold off along with the other magazines published through the BBC but with no concrete decisions made on the subject it is supposed that BBC will continue with its current platform.

PlayStation 3 firmware update stumbles, cause issues

PlayStation-3As the launch of PlayStation 3 firmware version 3.21, hits the market, so have begun the issues at user's level.

It is believed that users are finding it difficult to manage the latest firmware update causing regular hiccups at the console. Ones who have applied the firmware are asked to get rid of the option to install another operating system that older PS3s generally encompass with.

‘Twettle’- The wireless Twitter’s Kettle tweets when it boils

Twitter-KettleAn invention of Twitter, a wireless enabled Kettle known as "Twettle", detects when it has boiled and tweets the owner at the same instant.

The micro-blogging site which is known for its increasing popularity claims that this new invention shall take the world by revelation. It says that the owner no longer has to stand in the kitchen to go through the strenuous procedure of waiting till the water boils. Rather one can do their other chores and just have to check the computer screen for a minute for the tweet.

Watch BBC on iPad

Apple-iPad-AppsBBC has launched its latest app for the touchscreen tablet of Apple-iPad for all the US citizens.

The launch of the latest buzz- iPad magnetize many apps along with itself one of them being BBC. This particular app enables the Americans to get breaking news and at the same time access to a lot of content produced by the BBC News centre.

Another feature which BBC boasts off is its-one minute video news summary. This video enables the user to keep a track of the regular happenings on the BBC News channel and allows the downloading of content for offline viewing.

Designer rickshaws: an advancement in technology

Designer-RickshawsThe streets of Delhi University's North Campus are smiling in grace as the designer rickshaw debuts itself.

In a unique association which saw the Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) and Students in Free Enterprise Shri Ram College of Commerce (SIFE-SRCC), a social responsibly project called 'Life on Wheels' design which is an upgraded form of rickshaw. The objective is to empower the cycle-rickshaw pullers of the area. It was unveiled today at the 15th Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week.

One out of every four kids in UK has a social network profile- Ofcom

OFCOMA recent survey by Ofcom showed that one out of every four UK kids, using internet, had a profile on social networking sites like Facebook, Bebo or MySpace. Ofcom released today the data of its annual Children's Media Literacy Audit for 2009.

Ofcom conducted the survey among kids aged between 8 and 12 years. The minimum age limit for opening an account in such social networking sites is 13 years.

Irish metrics states ‘IE is plunging’

Internet-Explorer-LogoMicrosoft's Internet Explorer, Internet Explorer (IE) is seeking a surge in the present browser market, the Irish metrics firm StatCounter reports.

It is believed that in India IE already witnessed a dip of around 20% compared to Google's Chrome or Mozilla's Firefox browser; all are at a steady rise.

Xbox 360 to come with USB storage

Xbox 360 to come with USB storageTo add to the joys of the Xbox players, Microsoft is planning to enable Xbox with Storage capacity, reported a blog of a Microsoft engineer. This means Xbox 360 shall be packed with the extra spacing so that one can keep more of the storage inputs in their gaming machine.

The documentation, which further opens up the memory spacing and storage, said that it (storage device) would be larger in space and provide an ease by installing full disc-based games onto USB devices. It helps the gamers to save their game modes with installation of various softwares available in the market.

Apple’s never ending brawl for patent rights

Apple’s never ending brawl for patent rightsEver since Apple iPhone was launched it has been in the bulletin making some important headlines. Whether it's the name iPhone or 'pod' for the music platform, it has always found itself surrounded with controversies.

The latest is the infringing patents against HTC for a high profile legal wrangle. The maker of smartphones such as Eris, Nexus One et al has been indicted infringing Apple iPhones Graphic User Interface (GUI) and the underlying hardware and software support systems.

Channel Five HD version to feature in BSkyB

Channel-Five-LogoIn a bid to maximise the consumer offerings Channel five has released its first high-definition channel, which encloses an agreement with BSkyB.

According to Channel Five, which is running short of finances, it had plans to launch the HD version by 2012 on Freeview. With this current move, it would fasten the path by July and the users might be able to view their favourites on Sky's satellite service.

Cyber crimes could be solved via new website launched by Vaghela

Sunny-VaghelaBy the end of this month, Sunny Vaghela, a cyber expert will unveil a website, dubbed cybersuraksha. org - under an NGO, CyberSuraksha, on the model of police public networking in Rajasthan. This site will help the victims of cyber crime, whose email account has been hacked to abuse other users or whose company's data has been hacked.

As per Vaghela, "This website is dedicated to solving cyber crimes and create awareness about it."

Vaghela is an expert in the art of cracking codes and gathering information from servers based in other cities.

Once setting clocks in front, don't forget to check smoke sensors

Smoke-SensorsToday daytime redeeming has become a time to alter the batteries in the smoke sensor along with the hands on the time clock.

As stated by Joe De Francisco the fire coordinator "What's the best way to retrieve than to associate it with daytime redeeming," Joe conveyed it's a good long term memory jogger rather it's not just about altering the batteries.

It was also mentioned by him mostly smoke detectors nearly have an eight to 10-year life span and should be altered after that time period soon after that these sensors or detectors began to loose their sensitivity.

British Library to have national web archive

UK-Web-ArchiveBritish Library is going to come up with a national web archive. It would be called UK Web Archive and will be able to store close to 220TB of data every year.

The project was officially started by Culture Minister Margaret Hodge on Wednesday.

The objective of the project is to collect and store data from all the free access websites available in the UK.

The project has been designed and developed by National Archives, the National Libraries of Scotland and Wales, Jisc and the Wellcome Library. IBM is going to be the technology partner.

Alien vs Predator tops charts

Alien vs Predator tops chartsStream the online retail arm of video game company Valve featured Alien vs Predator to be the most accepted game platform which showcased the extra-terrestrial hunters of Hollywood's modern age.

It was supposed to be a disaster with a disappointing multiplayer demo which made it hard to believe that it can ever position itself to the number one position. However when the charts opened up it was made public that it was the most purchased piece of entertainment for the week.

Gaming firm Zynga opens India operations; Plans, to hire 100 techies

zyngaThe largest social game provider, Zynga announces to open its first office outside United States in Bangalore. It has plan to acquire large scale web Infrastructure along with hiring 100 tech professionals which include computer scientist and engineers for the game development.

As per a senior official of the company, Indian operation would focus on game development and large-scale infrastructure to support delivery of Zynga games to millions of players ever day.

HCL unveils new ‘ME’, priced at Rs.41,500

hclHCL has come up with a new version of its 'ME'. The latest version is Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) free notebooks. It would be priced at the high-end and would be available at Rs. 41,500. This is the first of its kind in India.

The company has made this range because it is a part of its plans to make environment-friendly laptops. This ME-40, as is named, would later become a part of the ME-45 series, which too is PVC free.

Internet filters plans not going well with Google & Yahoo!

Internet filters plans not going well with Google & Yahoo!Australia's internet filter plans took a setback when Google and Yahoo raised doubts over planned net filters. Both the companies have joined hands with two Australian organizations, Australian Library and Information Association and the Inspire Foundation and are considering the issue all over again.

Google unveils its first mobile phone

Google unveils its first mobile phoneSan Francisco, Jan 6 - Internet search giant Google unveiled its first mobile phone on Tuesday as it increased the pressure on Apple's iPhone in a mobile market that many analysts predict will come to dominate the internet in the coming years.

Google previously released its Android operating system for phones, which has been adopted by manufacturers like Samsung, Motorola and HTC.

But the Nexus One announced Tuesday is the first device to be branded by Google and sold directly to customers.

Dell launches new Inspiron One 19 with touch screen

Dell launches new Inspiron One 19 with touch screenDell, which is one of the largest PC manufacturer in the world, has introduced two new touch-screen enabled systems, the desktop ‘Inspiron One 19' and the laptop ‘Studio 17'.

Both the systems will work on the Microsoft’s Windows 7 Touch platform.

The desktop ‘Inspiration One 19’ is designed to be an all-in-one system including features like a 19-inch screen with 1400×900 pixels, 2.2GHz Intel Celeron processor, 3GB RAM, a 320GB hard disk drive and a DVD writer.

Nuke power plant may be delayed by 6 months

Jaitapur Nuclear Power Plant in Ratnagiri The Jaitapur Nuclear Power Plant in Ratnagiri is likely to be delayed by six months owing to opposition from several villagers to hand over their land for the proposed project.

“The land acquisition process was to be completed by January. But with the hurdles, it seems like the project will now start in May,” said S. P. Dharne of the Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited (NPCIL) on Friday.

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