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Citroen to launch DS4 soon

Citroen to launch DS4 soonAuto maker, Citroen will soon launch its Citroen DS4 crossover hatchback, which was unveiled last year at the 2010 Paris motor show.

The five-door model is based around the Citroen C4 model and will come in thee trim levels: DSign, DStyle and DSport.

The DSign model has six airbags, ESP, Hill Start Assist, air conditioning, daytime-running LEDs, 17 inch alloy wheels, front fog lights, six-speaker Surround Sound audio system and cruise control.

Fashion house releases world's first 3D-printed bikini

Fashion house releases world's first 3D-printed bikiniJenna Fizel and Mary Haung of Continuum Fashion have designed the word’s first 3D-printed bikini called, the N12.

The designers used nylon discs of different sizes tied by springs to create the revolutionary bikinis. Initially the sized are limit, but the designers are working on a system allowing users to send their body scans and get their clothing "printed" according to their body shape.

Apple's iPhone 5 to have SD card slot

Technology major Apple plans to launch an entire re programmed dual GSM-CDMA iPhone, an iPad comprising a increased-resolution screen and an SD card slot, and a fresh and new Apple TV along with an A5 processor competent of giving out 1080p video, as stated by a fresh statement.

Technology blog Engadget on Friday made available a lot of chit chats regarding Apple's forth coming product line for the year 2011, comprising the iPhone 5, iPad 2 and the 2nd generation of the re developed Apple TV.

The news states that the fresh iPad is on the line for a launch in April this year, and the 3G edition shall be including both GSM and CDMA radios by Qualcomm.

Tata Docomo to begin with 3G services on 8th Nov.

Tata Docomo to begin with 3G services on 8th Nov.One of major telecom operators in the Indian market, Tata Docomo has recently said that the company will be starting the 3G service in the Indian market on the 8th November 2010.

According to the plan unveiled by the company, it will be launching the 3G services in areas like Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, Kerala, Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh (West), Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh by Diwali.

Blackberry Maker May Roll Out Own Tablet By December

Blackberry Maker May Roll Out Own Tablet By DecemberBlackBerry maker, Research In Motion, has announced to roll out its own tablet by the end of this year to give tough competition to Apple, which has sold over a million devices within days of launch in the US and its iPhone set to overtake BlackBerry throughout the world.

RIM has not given any information about its upcoming tablet, but bloggers said that the tablet would be 8.9 inches and expected to hit markets by December 2010.

Users ready to shell out more for speed

Users ready to shell out more for speedA survey that aimed at willingness to pay extra for a faster broadband connection got amazing results as more than half the population agreed and voted for the motion.

It was a survey performed by ispreview. co. uk that gave out interesting findings that showed that 51.5 per cent were ready for the 100 Mbps broadband service and, if this asked for more money, they were ready to give the same.

Scribd upgrades to HTML 5

Scribd has proclaimed an upgrade to HTML 5 based- web platform after a continuous usage of Adobe for two years.

It is believed that the popular document sharing website will entirely be running on HTML 5 based web platform standards. This comes as difficult news for Adobe as it has to lose its two year client.

Apart from adopting the new web standards, the new and improved Scribd will provide support for both Microsoft Office and Google Docs documents.

The co-founder and chief technology officer at Scribd Jared Friedman said, “We were abandoning a two-year investment in Flash technology, and for a totally unproven idea. Honestly, it wasn't an easy decision. In Scribd's case, though, we got lucky, and it actually works great.”  

Rolls Royce features iPhone app

Rolls-Royce-Ghost-AppThe latest app in the iPhone apart from the Betfair app is the, Rolls Royce app. This new in sink application allows one to configure 'Ghost' all from their devices and see their final designs before actually ordering the car.

The app which is ready for download constitutes of various potential designs, colors and customizations to come up with the ideal version for the Ghost (Ghost is the latest addition in the Rolls Royce family of cars after the 'Phantom').

Nano technology to make PCs, Net 100 times faster

Nano technology to make PCs, Net 100 times fasterBy using nano technology, now computers and internet can be run hundreds of times faster. Communication devices are going to be smaller, more flexible and more powerful by the help of this nano technology.

This has been informed by Dr. Koby Scheuer of Tel Aviv University's School of Electrical Engineering. He has said that the current technologies are here to stay for five or ten years in the future.

After that, it will be the era of nano technology. By applying such techniques, the size of the devices can reduced; the speed can be enhanced as well.

BSkyB third quarter profit jumps to £286 million

BSkyB third quarter profit jumps to £286 millionBritish Sky Broadcasting Group Plc, a satellite TV group in UK, announced today that its third quarter profit beat the expectations of the company. BSkyB said that the excellent performance in the third quarter ended march was mainly attributable to the increased revenue in the period.

RIM Eyes 100-Million User Base

RIM Eyes 100-Million User BaseConfronting tough rivalry from Apple's iPhone, Research In Motion (RIM) declared that it will more than double its client base.

At present, BlackBerry maker has 41 million users throughout the world - almost 3% of the worldwide mobile phone market.

Calling its base of 41 million clients "a good beginning," RIM president and co-CEO Mike Lazaridis announced that the next objective for his company is 100 million users.

Delhi Metro sets new record with 1.1 million passengers

Delhi Metro sets new record with 1.1 million passengersThe Delhi Metro has set a new record with 1.1 million passengers. It has announced that on Wednesday it has carried a record number of 10,92,780 passengers. Delhi Metro spokesman Anuj Dayal has informed that it has been another milestone of Delhi Metro. It has recorded its highest ever ridership figures in a day.

StarCraft II Beta version for Mac fans

StarCraft II Beta version for Mac fans Blizzard, the other name for real-time strategy gaming, has been released for Mac platform. Also in addition to the above the Map-Mod editor has been fed for the Windows version.

StarCraft II beta which was earlier a platform for Windows version has released itself for the Mac users. According to Chris Sigaty a key member for StarCraft II, stated that Blizzard will be releasing StarCraft II Beta for Mac users in near future.

Altera to release its software before the release of actual product- good news for Developers

Altera to release its software before the release of actual product- good news for DevelopersAltera Corporation declared a launch of FPGAs with the highest bandwidth; it discovered the 28-nm Stratix V FPGA family of offerings.

This product is designed to meet the high end functionalities like defense broadcast and healthcare markets. This new range of products features integrated 28-Gbps transceivers targeting up to 100G systems.

Altera decided to release its software 6 months before the before the shipping of the actual product for its developers.

Mobile Commerce will be the next driver of growth- says eBay

eBay has said that the current mobile market structure is the most powerful e-Commerce platform in the world. Mobile Commerce has become the largest and promising platform in global level.

eBay is known to be the most successful ecommerce websites which was founded almost fifteen years back by Pierre Omidyar. Then it was an online auction site which has transformed itself to be the leader in the e-commerce arena.  

Now it has around USD 9 billion in revenues and over 2.5 million active users. The company is also the owner of online payment site paypal. It has also acquired the Indian shopping mall, for around Rs. 230 crore.  

Global PC shipments increase by 27% in first quarter

The global PC shipments have increased by 27% in the first quarter of 2010. For the first three months of the year, the shipment of personal computer is found out to be84.3 million units.  This was reported by the IT research and advisory firm Gartner Inc.

As per the preliminary reports of the research this fact has been found out. This result has been much beyond the result that had been expected earlier. Gartner Inc. was expecting a 22% growth in the shipments.

Principal analyst at Gartner, Mikako Kitagawa has informed that the stronger-than-expected growth was due to the vigorous recovery in the European economy.

Sophos introduces latest data protection solution

SafeguardSophos has announced the release of new versions of its safeguard projects. India's leading IT security and control firm Sophos has introduced version 5.50 of Sophos SafeGuard Easy and Sophos SafeGuard Enterprise to its users.

This latest inclusion to the safeguard products will provide its customers an all new approach to comprehensive security and data protection. The company officials have said that the new products will reduce cost and complexity of the user.

India importing substantial world e trash

India importing substantial world e trashA large amount of e-trash from around the world is being imported into the country by recycling industries located in various parts of the country. The unplanned approach to dealing with e-waste has raised concerns in the country.

Recently radiation detected in the Delhi's Mayapuri Industrial area is a wake up call to the authorities. Experts say that they found Cobalt-60 radiation in a shop of a metal scrap dealer.

New board for funding research projects

New board for funding research projectsThe government has set up National Science and Engineering Research Board which will provide funds for research projects to the scientific bodies in the country and thus save them all the trouble of dealing with the bureaucratic procedures.

The board was approved almost two years ago and it is expected to start work this month. The concept is the same as National Science Foundation of US which enjoys freedom from the government and its decision making is not dependent on the other departments.

India to launch satellite with its own cryogenic engine

India to launch satellite with its own cryogenic engineIndia is soon going to unveil a satellite which will have its own cryogenic engine. The information was given by Indian scientists, who have developed the cryogenic engine.

This is for the first time that such an engine is going to be used in an advanced communication satellite. The new engine is being incorporated into the upper-stage of India's Geostationary Satellite Launch Vehicle (GSLV).

The officials also said that only five countries in the world had such a technology earlier. Now India has also joined the league.

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