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Airline for pampered pooches to be launched!

Airline for pampered pooches to be launched!London, April 17: F

Nearly 20,000 Hong Kong airline staff asked to take unpaid leave

Cathay PacificHong Kong - Hong Kong's leading airlines Cathay Pacific and Dragonair Friday invited nearly 20,000 employees to take between one and four weeks of unpaid leave as part of a raft of cost-cutting measures.

The sister airlines also announced that they would cut flight schedules, axing some Dragonair flights to mainland China and cutting Cathay Pacific's London flight schedule by 17 a month upwards.

The cost-cutting moves came as the airlines announced that first quarter revenue on Cathay Pacific and Dragonair for passenger and cargo services fell 22.4 per cent from 2008.

DGCA figures show 15% year-on-year drop in number of air passengers in March

Directorate General of Civil AviationAs per the latest air travel-related data, coming from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), there has been a 15 percent fall in the year-on-year figures concerning total number of passengers carried by the nine Indian airlines in March - the number coming down from the previous year's 37.11 lakh to the recent 31.60 lakh.

The government data shows that the plunge in the number of passengers taking the air route has been continuing over the past nearly 11 months; and the key reasons for the decline is the decreased number of foreign tourist arrivals.

American Airlines flying in the red

American Airlines flying in the red New York  - American Airlines parent AM

Israel scrambles jets after incoming flight fails to make contact

Israel scrambles jets after incoming flight fails to make contact Tel Aviv - Israel's Ben Gurion Airport declared a state of emergency Saturday afternoon, and the air force scrambled fighter planes, after an incoming flight lost contact with the control tower, sparking fears it had been hijacked. The incoming plane, a Delta Airlines flight from New York with 105 passengers on board, managed to let the fighters know that technical problems had prevented it from contacting the Ben Gurion control tower, Israeli media reported.

Light aircraft crashes in Indonesia's Papua

Light aircraft crashes in Indonesia's Papua Jakarta - A light airplane crashed Thursday morning in Indonesia's easternmost province of Papua, and all four of its crew members were feared killed, news reports and officials said.

The Avia Star aircraft was en route from the capital Jayapura to Wamena district, carrying cargo and four crew members. It crashed at about 7 am (2200 GMT Wednesday) on Pike Mountain, said Papua police chief Bagus Eko Danto.

Bagus told Elshinta private radio that so far two bodies had been founded and a search was underway for the other two. He said the plane broke into pieces.