Lilium Jet will be powered by Garmin Standby Flight Instruments

Lilium Jet will be powered by Garmin Standby Flight Instruments

Lilium NV, renowned for pioneering the all-electric vertical take-off and landing ("eVTOL") jet, disclosed the reception of initial standby flight instruments from Garmin®, a distinguished provider of avionics solutions, marking a significant milestone in their multi-year collaboration inked in 2023. These deliveries, integral to the inaugural Lilium Jets in production and the flight simulator for pilot training, underscore Lilium's unwavering commitment to safety and operational excellence.

In the realm of aviation, standby instrumentation assumes paramount importance as a failsafe mechanism in the event of primary cockpit instrument malfunction, accentuating the pivotal role played by Garmin's contribution in fortifying the Lilium Jet's safety architecture. This redundancy factor not only bolsters crew and passenger safety but also steers Lilium's trajectory towards securing dual type-certification by the FAA and EASA, emblematic of adherence to stringent aviation regulatory standards.

Garmin's established eminence as a premier avionics solutions provider across various aviation domains, coupled with its extensive track record of compliance with aviation certification mandates, underscores the reliability and efficacy of the standby flight instrument furnished for integration into the Lilium Jet's cockpit. The instrument, already fielded in numerous certified aircraft, is poised to interface seamlessly with the jet's flight control computer, furnishing crucial inertial sensor data and augmenting the flight control system's functionality with its modern touchscreen display.

Martin Schuebel, Lilium's Senior Vice President Procurement, lauded the partnership with Garmin as a testament to Lilium's discerning approach in selecting industry-leading aerospace collaborators with an unparalleled track record in aviation safety standards compliance. Carl Wolf, Garmin's Vice President of Aviation Sales and Marketing, echoed this sentiment, underscoring Garmin's dedication to fostering innovation and supplying cutting-edge solutions that elevate cockpit capabilities.

With Lilium's commencement of the first Lilium Jet's assembly near Munich and the maiden piloted flight test slated for late 2024, the collaboration between Lilium and Garmin heralds a transformative era in aerospace innovation, epitomizing a shared commitment to pioneering technological excellence and safety in aviation.

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