Ashwani Gujral

Ashwani Gujral Sets High Target For Ambuja Cement

Ambuja CementTechnical Analyst, Ashwani Gujral is of the vision that Ambuja Cement has target of Rs 155.

Gujral said, “Ambuja Cement at this point probably looks a little better although large cap cement is not showing the kind of moves that mid cap cement is showing. For Ambuja Cement Rs 130 seems to be a good support, and Rs 155 can be a good target. But large caps don’t seem like they are going to make new highs, they seem to get stuck and some bad news tends to come whenever they retest their previous highs.”

Prism Cement Still Look Healthy

Prism CementTechnical Analyst, Ashwani Gujral has suggested a positive support for

GMR Infrastructure Can Surely Test Rs 1000 – Ashwani Gujral

GMR GroupTechnical Analyst, Ashwani Gujral is of the vision that GMR Infrastructure can surely test Rs 1000.

Gujral told, “GMR Infrastructure is going through its normal correction and now it’s beginning to move up. If it can stay above Rs 850 sort of region, we could go back to Rs 1,000 probably further in case the market also turns.”

Orbit Corporation has next target of Rs 450: Ashwani Gujral

Orbit CorporationTechnical Analyst, Ashwani Gujral has suggested a secure level for Orbit Corporation at Rs 450.

He is fully confident that the stock will touch this level in near future. So he has suggested the investors to hold up the stock to make a good profit. It is also important to watch every moment of the stock. Don’t worry, if the stock goes below its existing level.

Reliance Energy Can Touch Rs 900 - Ashwani Gujral

Reliance EnergyAccording to Technical Analyst Ashwani Gujral, Reliance Energy can surely touch Rs 900. He suggests investors to hold the stock for hefty gains within few months.

Gujral told, “Hindalco remained a weak sort of metals stock and it’s probably in a range of Rs 145 to about Rs 185. Metals overall have weakened, commodity prices have taken ahead because of all of this.”

Big Expectations From Reliance Energy - Gujral

Technical Analyst Ashwani GujralTechnical Analyst, Ashwani Gujral is of the view that Reliance Energy can touch Rs 720.

Mr. Gujral said that Tata Power and Reliance Energy are the strongest options. Reliance Energy beyond Rs 580 is poised to go up to Rs 720 and for Tata Power, Rs 620 is a key level that should probably be headed in the direction of Rs 750-760.

“I think some rub off from the capital goods space, those electrical equipment stocks is now rubbing off even to the energy stocks,” He added.