Ashwani Gujral

Sterlite Ind Delivery Call

Sterlite IndStock Analyst Ashwani Gujral has suggested to buy Sterlite Ind stock to be sold on Thursday.

Mr. Gujral has given this delivery after viewing all the ups and downs experienced by the stock in last few trading sessions. He said that the stock has performed well in an otherwise weak market.

Today, the stock opened at Rs 1046.8 as against its last closure at Rs 1034.75 on BSE. On the other hand, the stock also make strong opening on NSE. It opened at Rs 1043.75 on NSE.

The stock has gained above 3.2% up till now at Rs 1067.50 on BSE, and it is expected to touch Rs 1400 levels by Thursday. It has a good potential.

Buy Ispat Industries

Ispat Industries’ stock opened at Rs. 48.25, after the previous close at Rs. 43.90 at BSE. The stock is presently trading 9.91% up at the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).

After the previous close at Rs. 43.95, the stock opened at Rs. 46.50 at NSE. The stock is presently trading at 10.01% up at NSE.

The stock has potential to surge little more up, which makes the stock good pick for making quick gains.

Ashwani Gujral, the renowned stock analyst has given “BUY CALL” for the stock. According to the stock analyst, “BUY ISPAT INDUSTRIES WITH A STOP LOSS OF 37 FOR TARGET OF RS 51.”

Ashwani Gujral Gives "Buy Call" For DCB!

After previous close at Rs. 147.70, and opening at Rs. 151.30 today, the Development Credit Bank (DCB) stock has lost -0.98% down, falling to Rs. 146.25, up til now, in today’s trading session at BSE.

After previous close at 147.65 at NSE, the DBC stock opened at Rs. 154.90, but presently the stock is trading at -1.12% down at 146.00.

The stock may dip further down and then bounce back. It’s good stock for intraday trading.

The stock analyst, Ashwani Gujral has given buy call for the stock. According to Ashwani Gujral, “Buy Development Credit Bank (DCB) with a stop loss of Rs 127 for target of Rs 176.”

Essar Oil Delivery Call

Essar oilTechnical Analyst Ashwani Gujral has suggested investors to buy delivery call of Essar Oil in case the stock crosses Rs 220 before 2.00 pm.

Mr. Gujral has recommended this stock for delivery for short term gains as the stock has performed well in an otherwise weak market. Presently, it is trading down 1.2% at Rs 219.10.

Investors need not to worry as it will hit the ground soon. If it drops further, buy it around Rs 210 to achieve a target between Rs 250-340. Keep a stop loss of Rs 190. In medium term it can touch 375 mark.

Buy Indian Bank

Indian BankStock analyst Ashwani Gujral is of the view that investors should buy Indian Bank stock around Rs 165 to achieve short term target of Rs 240.

The outlook appears positive, and presently (10:45 am), the stock is hovering near Rs 182. Keep a stop loss of Rs 156. Yesterday, the stock performed well, and closed positively on the BSE.

Mr. Gujral has suggested this stock after analyzing its brilliancy in the last few months. So don’t miss the chance and make huge profit form this stock.

Indian Bank plans to open four more micro-credit branches in Bhubaneswar, New Delhi, Pune, and Bangalore, reports Business Standard.

Punj Lloyd Can Go Upto Rs 390, Says Gujral

Ashwini GujralAccording to technical forecaster, Ashwani Gujral the Punj Lloyd can climb upto Rs 390.

Gujral said, “For Punj Lloyd Rs 280-285 is a key resistance, once it can stay above that, then it can easily go up to Rs 390. The important point here is that people are very cautious but the market is not responding with the vigor on the downside”

He further added, "In case no more bad news comes in, we could slowly have this market moving higher and mid caps could lead the charge from here, because they have fallen much less and probably the hedge funds etc. they have much lower exposure to mid caps."