Blogging hard at the time of exams

Blogosphere has expanded its horizons in such a way that even students appearing for the board exams are also using blogs as a forum for discussions on the exams. With CBSE and GSEB exams round the corner and scheduled in next month, various blogs are flooded with posts from the aspirants on various issues such as how to avoid stress and increase memory power.

Not only students, but also the parents, whose children are appearing for the exams, are also seen sticking to blogs for ideas on how to help their children appearing for the big exams at the time of stress. Interactions through the blogs help them in finding out better solutions to the problems caused by the exam fever.

Some comments on the blogs such as 'I am extremely scared in my first board exam and don't know what to do?', 'Can almond help in increasing memory power of my son?', 'My daughter wastes her precious time in watching TV. I don't understand how to deal with her?' and 'I don't understand why other seems more tensed than me for my board exam!' are enough to explain the situation, the students and the parents are facing due to tension of ensuing board exams.

Preparations for board exams, queries about subjects and tension of exams are some of the blog posts such blog sites. Rushi Soni, a class XII student from Ahmedabad, is a member on various blogging communities. Through the blogs, he interacts with other students. Rushi said, "I have blogger friends in Delhi, Noida, Patiyala and also in some other cities. Some of them have already appeared in the board exam, while some of them are going to face it like me. We all share our views and thoughts with each other through the blogs. Sometimes, we also make fun out of it. Interaction through blog really works and helps in many ways."

Vrinda Patel, a class X student of Bright School in Vadodara, is an active blogger. She started blogging six month back and now finds it interesting. "Iam fond of writing, I really love blogging. In my personal blog, usually I write about the issues of my life. Now it is exam time, so I find bliss in writing about my excitement along with my worry about the exam. I have got couple of blogger friends with whom I share my exam related blog posts."

Parents of students are also equally enthusiastic for indulging in blogging. Posts written by parents show that how they are worried about food habits of their children, their study time table, attachment to TV and mobile phones. "My son is appearing for class X CBSE board exam. On my personal blog, I write about my worries about my son's preparations for the exam," said Anita Jagetia, mother of a class X student.

Devanshi Joshi/ DNA-Daily News & Analysis Source: 3D Syndication