Best spots to see the Shell Oil Rig Polar Pioneer

Nobody knows how long the Shell oil rig the Polar Pioneer will be in Seattle, yet the sightseers have already started flocking to see the huge Cthulhu like monstrosity in Elliot Bay in West Seattle before it leaves.

The Pacific Pride Gas / Diesel Station at 1617 SW Lander St just off 16th Ave NW is one of the best unobstructed places to see the rig.

Seacrest Park is located at 1660 Harbor Ave SW. It is an ideal place to view the Shell oil Polar Pioneer and also the Shell No activist’s protest barge.

It is the ideal spot because the Seacrest Public Park has Marination Station Ma Kai restaurant which serves some of the best fish and chips and fish tacos in the region, and reminds all about the importance of the protection of fishing industry.

Besides this, Seacrest Park is also the location where one can see the dozens of kayaks launch their protest next to the anchored solar-powered barge protesters which will continue to show movies and images as long as the Shell rig is in port.

According to Seattle’s Mayor Ed Murray and the Seattle Dept. of Planning and Development, Shell is illegal as DPD has discovered that the port was not authorized to handle oil rigs.

After a couple of weeks a fine of $150 per day will be imposed for 10 days and then after that it’s $500 a day until they come into compliance.

Dutch Royal Shell is considered to be one of the largest companies in the world. It has done an investment of around 6 Billion in oil discovery in the Arctic, and is looking forward to soon leave to make the short Arctic window for exploratory drilling.