Berdych joins Federer in anti-Hawk-Eye club

Berdych joins Federer in anti-Hawk-Eye clubMelbourne  - Tomas Berdych has joined Roger Federer in slamming the Hawk-Eye electronic linecalling system after its failure struck him at a key moment in his losing fourth-round match to the Swiss star at the Australian Open.

It's no secret that traditionalist Federer has never been a fan of the system - and his poor record on challenges proves that point.

But the system really caught Berdych at a bad time when it failed to function on a challenge he made - likely because of a deep shadow over one side of the court in late afternoon.

So, instead of proving a call right or wrong, the electronic glitch meant that the call stood, with Berdych erupting as he led two sets to one with the tide starting to turn.

"If they bring some new system (in) and (it) doesn't work, why should it be on the courts?" said Berdych. "He (chair umpire) can tell you whatever he wants. Hawk-Eye should be working."

Federer agreed: "What do I think about it? It's horrible. Finally one guy (Berdych) understood.

"I don't think you win or lose a match because of them. If it's nine-all in the fifth set, you got to use it and there's a terrible call because the linesperson was sleeping and the umpire was drinking coffee, of course then it's good you have it.

"With a system like this is in place, it shouldn't happen, right?"

Federer's record with the system is among the worst in the game with 19 challenges at the Open with just four correct so far. (dpa)