Tomas Berdych

Berdych joins Federer in anti-Hawk-Eye club

Berdych joins Federer in anti-Hawk-Eye clubMelbourne  - Tomas Berdych has joined Roger Federer in slamming the Hawk-Eye electronic linecalling system after its failure struck him at a key moment in his losing fourth-round match to the Swiss star at the Australian Open.

It's no secret that traditionalist Federer has never been a fan of the system - and his poor record on challenges proves that point.

But the system really caught Berdych at a bad time when it failed to function on a challenge he made - likely because of a deep shadow over one side of the court in late afternoon.

Player questions Hawk-Eye accuracy at Australian Open

Player questions Hawk-Eye accuracy at Australian OpenMelbourne, Jan. 26 : Controversy surfaced at the Australian Open here on Sunday when tennis player Tomas Berdych questioned the accuracy of the Hawk-Eye electronic line-calling system at a vital stage of his quarter-final match against defending champion Roger Federer.

The system which simulates ball flight to determine close calls was unable to offer an opinion on a line call, leading to an angry Berdych questioning the chair umpire over the apparent failure of the system to show a simulation of a ball called out early in the fourth set, reports The Australian.