Becks and Prince Harry’s pics used in court to support ‘low-slung jeans’

Becks and Prince Harry’s pics used in court to support ‘low-slung jeans’London, Apr 10 : Photos showing Prince Harry and David Beckham wearing their jeans really low were used in court as an evidence to prove that the trend to wear one's trousers at half-mast is a "mainstream" trend.

In a bizarre battle over whether the trend is cool or offensive, pictures of the soccer ace and the Royal were shown to a judge in West Palm Beach, Florida.

The photos were displayed during the case of 17-year-old Julius Hart, who was arrested for wearing saggy trousers that exposed his boxer shorts.

The boy was charged for breach of a local law that bans low-slung jeans in public.

And now, he is challenging the rule claiming that it is his "constitutional right" to wear his waistband low.

To testify that the trend is a "form of expression", Hart's lawyer even called Fashion expert Carol Rousso, of the Fort Lauderdale Art Institute.

She used photographs of Harry, 24, Becks, 33, and rapper Marky Mark to claim that it is a "mainstream" trend.

According to reports, the case is expected to conclude later this month. (ANI)