Asustek to Make Google Android Netbook, Says Report

GoogleAccording to Bloomberg reports, netbook-bigwig Asustek is considering a plan for installing Google's open source Android operating system on its forthcoming, low-cost netbook.

Asus is a pioneer in the netbook field - with its Eee PC series in essence initiating the netbook market. In addition, it has been hands-on with Android ever since it started working with Garmin for developing a line of smartphones, a few of which will run Google's OS.

Samson Hu, Asus' head of Eee PC division, told Bloomberg that the company's committed engineers are capable of creating an Android netbook by the year-end. However, Hu also added that the proposed project has not yet been finalized.

In case Asus decides to go ahead with the project, there would be quite a few cost advantages to be availed, with regard to the use Google's free, Linux-based operating system. Asus, which already is an eminent player in the low-cost netbook arena, could further stand to benefit from the Android, as the OS would fit in nicely with Asus' low-powered, reasonably-priced processors used in the Eee series netbooks.

Not only does Google's Android OS a promising product, it also offers stiff competition to Microsoft. The OS has already proved its spontaneity and easy navigability on the T-Mobile G1 smart phone, and would expectedly render its efficacy to the netbook as well!

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