Armory Cancels K. Michelle Concerts
Armory Cancels K. Michelle Concerts

Michelle fans would be disappointed as the hip hop artist's this month's concert's at the Washington Avenue Armory has been cancelled.

The Armory on Thursday announced that it has suspended shows due to foreseeable future, while its owners, the city and state Department of State investigate security procedures in the aftermath of six stabbings and an assault at a concert by Migos, a hip hop group.

It has been found that three Albany residents named Dywuan Blunt, 21, Nyguel Williams, 17, and Da-Min Germon, 17, has been charges with felony first-degree riot after the fight.

Blunt was accused Thursday and was sent to the Albany County jail without bail, according to City Court records. Williams and Germon were released on Sunday under supervision.

According to Armory spokesman Joe Bonilla, the armory can hold 2,200 people in fixed bleacher seats and 2,300 people on an open floor. The venue had 35 private security guards five Albany police officers and four EMTs on duty during the concert.

Deputy Chief Brendan Cox said that Albany police are often asked for help with pedestrian and traffic safety at venues across the city.

Cox said that officers can assist with events inside and are paid for the work, but generally they stay outside the venue unless they are requested by the venue. The police officials even discuss specifics with facility management to ensure there is enough security staffing.

Cox said that during the Migos concert the police officers were never asked to assist inside the concert and were not even told when the riot started.

If the officer would have been aware of the situation they would have surely gone inside the venue.

According to the state Department of State, the Armory has been handling its security in-house, but it is not registered to do so as required in New York.

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