Apple to Create Renewable Energy to Power its Entire Global Business
Apple to Create Renewable Energy to Power its Entire Global Business

Technology major Apple is looking forward to use renewable energy to power its entire global business, including its supply chain.

The company is also making initiatives to reduce its impact on paper, wood and similar fibers.

Chief executive Tim Cook said, "Apple's goal is to achieve a net-zero impact on the world's supply of sustainable virgin fiber and power all its operations worldwide on 100 percent renewable energy".

The firm already generates enough renewable energy to power 87% of energy use in its stores, offices and data centers excluding its supply chain.

Apple said in a statement that its supply chain uses 60 times as much power as its own operations.

Cook in a press release said that this huge change cannot happen overnight and will take years. He has previously told Apple investors, who disagree with its renewable energy project, about plans to get out of the stock.

Previously Apple has been criticized for the environmental impact of its supply chain, most of which is based in China. Regulators in China were said to be investigating two Apple suppliers for toxic dumping in 2013, amid other accusations of dumping by industrial partners.

The expansion of Apple's renewable energy project to China will include all of its manufacturing facilities. So far the company has set no timeline as to when it will be carbon neutral in the country.

As per experts, focus on renewable energy won't eliminate issues around toxic dumping. The use of toxic materials in the manufacturing of phones, tablets and laptops is an issue the industry is yet to fully confront.

Apple has already started to work on its first major solar installation in China and plans to build two 20-megawatt solar power farms.

A facility in Sichuan Province will generate enough energy to power all of Apple's offices and retail stories in the country.

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