Apple boasts Mac Pro’s energy, material efficiency in environmental report

Apple boasts Mac Pro’s energy, material efficiency in environmental reportCupertino, California-based tech giant Apple Inc's latest environmental report for its new Mac Pro computer boats some fairly large savings on energy as well as raw materials.

According to the newly published report, the company has highly made use of aluminum and copper to build the new Mac Pro machine. It may be noted here that aluminum and copper are two of the most-desired metals by recyclers. Compared to the old Mac Pro computer, the new machine consumes 74 per cent less steel.

To ensure greater shipping efficiency, the tech giant slashed on packaging, for which it used corrugated cardboard manufactured with a minimum 33 per cent recycled material.

Compared to the previous packaging, the new one can fit three times as many retail packages into an airline container. The new version of the Mac Pro package consumes 82 per cent less volume.

The new machine successfully meets ENERGY STAR requirements. It consumes 68 per cent less energy while idling than the previous model. The new machine is responsible for total greenhouse gas emissions of around 940 kg carbon dioxide equivalent, two-third of which comes from manufacturing, a third from consumer use and 1 per cent each for shipping and recycling.

Apple's new Mac Pro computer also complies with government's various best-practice guidelines, such as the RoHS Directive that prohibits the use of lead, PBB, mercury, cadmium, and hexavalent chromium.