Amazon offers £20 discount on Prime

Amazon’s Prime members could only be benefited by Prime Day and the day is intended to strengthen loyalty among current members and take on new ones before the event that will be fall on 15 July. The company is reducing the price of Prime membership by £20 to £59 for people who join from now till 8 July.

Next week, the retailer will also celebrate its 20th birthday. It said that customers will be able to find more volume of deals compared to the ones offered on Black Friday. Price-cuts will be covering categories such as toys, electronics, films, video games, garden, sports and beauty.

A video ad has also been launched by the retailer on YouTube, in which it has explained about Prime Day and showed how it created "interpretations of #PrimeLiving".

The online retailer is also starting a competition throughout the world with a prize of $10,000 in Gift Cards. It is calling on Prime members to send images showing how they benefited from Prime Day, using the hashtag #PrimeLivingPhoto. According to reports, it will be selecting one winner from each country that will take part.

According to Greg Greeley, Amazon Prime’s vice-president, Prime Day is the only event having more deals compared to Black Friday, absolutely for Prime members throughout the world. As per Greeley, “Members tell us every day how much they love Prime and we will keep making it better. If you’re not already a Prime member, you’ll want to join so you don’t miss out on one of the biggest deals extravaganzas in the world".