Amazon announces new Rivian EV --- an electric delivery van

Amazon announces new Rivian EV --- an electric delivery van

In a recent announcement, online retailer Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos has revealed that electric vehicle startup Rivian is planning to produce its third vehicle --- a new electric delivery van. The first image of the electric van has also been released by Rivian.

The announcement by Amazon about Rivian’s forthcoming electric van has come as a surprise. The startup, which came out of stealth mode in 2018, has previously unveiled two ‘adventure’-focused passenger electric vehicles (EVs) --- the R1T pickup truck and the R1S SUV.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has now announced the third EV for Rivian. Revealing that the third Rivian EV will be an electric delivery van, Bezos said that Amazon has made a $700 million investment in Rivian, and ordered 100,000 units of new electric delivery vans. With the estimated cost of each electric delivery van being ~$40,000, Rivian has received an order worth nearly $4 billion from Amazon for the van.

After Amazon’s announcement, Rivian has unveiled an actual picture of the electric delivery van it will produce for Amazon. The picture unfolds a full-size commercial delivery van with a large wheelbase. The van features an ‘Amazon Prime’ decal, with a ‘powered by Rivian’ sign at the bottom.

The specifications of the electric delivery van have not yet been revealed by Rivian. Nonetheless, as per Bezos, the deliveries of the van will commence in 2021 and will likely be completed by 2024.

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