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Acupressure can help get relief from constipation

Acupressure can help get relief from constipationWashington, Nov 20 : A new study has shown that perineal self-acupressure can help with the bowel movement.

UCLA Center for East-West Medicine found that the Eastern and Western medicine can blend to find solutions to the common problem of constipation. In a randomized clinical trial, 72 percent of participants said that the technique, which involves application of external pressure to the perineum, the area between the anus and genitals, helped them have a bowel movement.

Men more likely to help women wearing high heels

Washington, Nov 20 - A new study has found that men are more helpful towards women in high heels than those wearing flats.

Nicolas Gueguen of the Universite de Bretagne-Sud in France observed for the first time ever how the height of a woman's shoe heel influences how men behave towards her.

Research across various cultures has shown at length how important physical features, such as body size and the style and color of a woman's clothing, influence a man's behavior towards and judgment of a woman.

Cocaine users at higher risk of heart disease

Cocaine usersWashington, Nov 19 : A new study has revealed that cocaine users complaining of chest pain may have abnormal blood flow in the heart's smallest blood vessels that may not be detected in regular testing, putting them at risk for heart complications or death.

Varun Kumar, M. D., lead study author and an internist at Mount Sinai Hospital in Chicago, said that cocaine use is unfortunately very common, and we see many emergency room admissions because patients experience chest pain following cocaine use.

Herbs, spices may help boost heart`s health

Herbs spicesWashington, Nov 19 : A new study has found that spices and herbs don't just add flavor to your food, but may also help boost your heart's health.

According to Penn State nutritionists, the ingredients, which are rich in antioxidants, help improve triglyceride concentrations and other blood lipids. Triglyceride levels rise after eating a high-fat meal, which can lead to an increased risk of heart disease. If a high-antioxidant spice blend is incorporated into the meal, triglyceride levels may be reduced by as much as 30 percent when compared to eating an identical meal without the spice blend.

Too much 'junk food' can lead to memory loss

Washington, Nov 19 - If you can't resist a burger, you are in trouble as a new study has shown that too much of junk food can destroy your memory, specially of young to middle-aged men.

The research by University of California, San Diego, which is the first to produce clear results on memory impairment, studied around 1,000 healthy men, those who consumed the most trans fats, found in foods like high-fat cakes, pastries, chips and fast foods, showed notably worse performance on a word memory test. The strength of the association remained even after taking into consideration things like age, education, ethnicity and depression.

Scientists link soap ingredient to liver tumors in mice

soap ingredient to liver tumors in miceWashington, Nov 18 : Scientists have revealed that an antimicrobial commonly that is found in soaps, shampoos, toothpastes and many other household items causes liver fibrosis and cancer in laboratory mice through molecular mechanisms that are also relevant in humans.

The researchers said that there can be potentially serious consequences of long-term exposure of Triclosan.

Night shift workers likelier to burn less energy, gain weight

Night shift workersWashington, Nov 18 : A new research has explained that people who work in the night shifts are likely to burn less energy during a 24-hour period as compared to those who work on a normal schedule which ultimately increases their risk for weight gain and obesity.

The new study led by the University of Colorado Boulder suggested that people who work, and therefore eat, at night when their bodies are biologically prepared to sleep are prone to put on pounds.

Low-calorie diet can help slow down 'aging process'

Low-calorie dietWashington, Nov 18 : A new research has found that having a diet low in calories can reduce the aging process.

The study conducted by the researchers at the Neuroscientists at NYU Langone Medical Center on female mice, has shown that calorie-reduced diets stop the normal rise and fall in activity levels of close to 900 different genes linked to aging and memory formation in the brain.

Single kiss transfers 80 m bacteria between couples!

Single kiss transfers 80 m bacteria between couples!London, Nov 17 : A new study has shown that a single intimate kiss can transfer 80 million bacteria between partners.

The research conducted by Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research on 21 couples, studied responses on the kissing behaviour including average intimate kiss frequency, and then investigated the composition of their oral microbiota on the tongue and in their saliva, the Daily Express reported.

The results showed on an average, lingering kiss at least 9 times a day led to couples having significantly shared salivary microbiota.

Menthol flavored cigarettes do have some pretty soothing effects

Menthol flavored cigarettes do have some pretty soothing effects Washington, Nov 17 : A new study has revealed that menthol acts in combination with nicotine to desensitize receptors in lungs' airways that are responsible for nicotine's irritation.

According to neuroscientists at Georgetown University Medical Center, their study provides a better understanding of how menthol affects the function of the a3beta4 receptor, one of the most prevalent nicotinic acetylcholine receptors expressed in the peripheral nervous system. These receptors are expressed in airway sensory nerves as well as other neurons.

Using your phone too much may be hurting your back

using smartphoneWashington, Nov 16 : A new study has revealed that slumping over the phone may be hurting your back.

According to the study, people spend an average of 2 to 4 hours each day with their neck bent at this unnatural angle while shooting off emails or texts and the success of social media has led to an epidemic of bad smart phone posture.

Dr. Kenneth Hansraj, chief of spine surgery at New York Spine Surgery and Rehabilitation Medicine, the average adult head weighs 10 to 12 pounds when it's in the upright or neutral position. However, because of that pesky thing called physics-gravitational pull-the cranium becomes heavier the more you bend your neck.

Coffee may help combat obesity

CoffeeWashington, Nov 15 : A new study has demonstrated that a compound found in coffee may help prevent obesity-related disease.

The study conducted in University of Georgia found out that chlorogenic acid, or CGA, significantly reduced insulin resistance and accumulation of fat in the livers of mice who were fed a high-fat diet.

Walnuts slow down prostate cancer growth

WalnutsWashington, Nov 14 : A new study has revealed that diets rich in whole walnuts or walnut oil slowed prostate cancer growth in mice.

Researchers at UC Davis and other institutions have found that both walnuts and walnut oil reduced cholesterol and increased insulin sensitivity and the walnut diet also reduced levels of the hormone IGF-1, which had been previously implicated in both prostate and breast cancer.

Lead scientist and research nutritionist Paul Davis said that while they are high in fat, their fat does not drive prostate cancer growth. In fact, walnuts do just the opposite when fed to mice.

Blame certain proteins in your body for piling on the pounds

Blame certain proteins in your body for piling on the poundsWashington, Nov 12 : Scientists have revealed that weight maintenance is more complicated than the old "calories in, calories out" adage and connections between known regulators of body mass may be the key to treat obesity and metabolic disorders.

False beliefs about weight loss pills fueling obesity epidemic

False beliefs about weight loss pills fueling obesity epidemicWashington, Nov 12 : A new study has revealed that false beliefs about these drugs are responsible for the ever rising obesity epidemic.

According to study authors Lisa E. Bolton (Pennsylvania State University), Amit Bhattacharjee (Dartmouth College) and Americus Reed, II (University of Pennsylvania), weight management remedies that promise to reduce the risks of being overweight may undermine consumer motivation to engage in health-supportive behaviors.

How we watch TV can help detect eye related issues

Washington, Nov 12 - Scientists have found a new way to detect eye related issues, by monitoring how our eyes respond to watching TV.

Researchers at City University London have discovered that they could identify diseases such as glaucoma by looking at maps of people's eye movements while they watched a film.

The research could help speed up diagnosis, enabling clinicians to identify the disease earlier and allowing treatment to begin before the onset of permanent damage.

Gene therapy may help in controlling addiction and depression

Drug-AddictionWashington, Nov 11 : A new study has revealed that regulation of a single, specific gene in a brain region can help control drug addiction and depression.

The study conducted at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai focused on epigenetics, the study of changes in the action of human genes caused, not by changes in DNA code we inherit from our parents, but instead by molecules that regulate when, where and to what degree our genetic material is activated.

Hair transplants: Pakistan's new weapon of mass seduction

Hair transplants: Pakistan's new weapon of mass seductionPeshawar : Mohammad Shahid's eyes lit up when he saw his once bald cousin come home one day with a head full of hair and a strutting gait to match.

A handsome but follically-challenged young man, he decided the time was ripe to restore his honour, battered by years of taunts that follow the barren-headed and the beardless in Pakistan.

In the northwestern city of Peshawar, home to underground Taliban hideouts and a gateway for trade to Afghanistan, men go about their business in the crowded dusty streets, their faces covered by bushy black beards that would make Captain Haddock proud.

Vegan diet helps get rid of those extra kilos faster

Vegan dietWashington, Nov 10 : A new study has found that people who follow vegan diet are likelier to shed weight faster than those who consume a diet containing meat and dairy.

The study, conducted by the University of South Carolina, compared the amount of weight lost by those on vegan diets to those on a mostly plant-based diet, and those eating an omnivorous diet with a mix of animal products and plant based foods. At the end of six months, individuals on the vegan diet lost more weight than the other two groups by an average of 4.3 percent, or 16.5 pounds.

Scientists transform human scar cells into blood vessel cells

Washington, Nov 08 - Scientists may have discovered a new way to repair damaged tissue by transforming human scar cells into blood vessel cells.

The method appeared to improve blood flow, oxygenation, and nutrition to areas in need.

Cardiovascular scientists at Houston Methodist, with colleagues at Stanford University and Cincinnati Children's Hospital, learned that fibroblasts cells that causes scarring and are plentiful throughout the human body could be coaxed into becoming endothelium, an entirely different type of adult cell that forms the lining of blood vessels.

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