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Consuming beer every day doubles fertility in men

men drinking beerMelbourne, Oct 21 : A new study has claimed that drinking around a pint and a half of beer per night could double their fertility rates.

Researchers from the Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, assessed the habits of 105 men with an average age of 37 whose partners were undergoing IVF between 2007 and 2013, and found that men who consumed at least 22g of alcohol daily, had double the chances to become fathers through IVF than those who didn't, reported.

Meanwhile, the study also found that Caffeine could be harmful for fertility, as men who drank at least 265mg of coffee were the least likelier to have kids.

20 pc siblings of the autistic show symptoms at 18 months

siblings of the autisticWashington, Oct 21 : A new study has revealed that about 20 percent of younger siblings of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) developed the condition by age 18 months to 3 years.

Lead author Katarzyna Chawarska, associate professor in the Yale Child Study Center and the Department of Pediatrics at Yale School of Medicine, pooled data from eight sites participating in the Autism Speaks Baby Siblings Research Consortium found that about 50 percent of siblings diagnosed at 18 months, developed a combination of poor eye contact and lack of communicative gestures or imaginative play.

Viagra can effectively treat heart disease in men

ViagraLondon, Oct 20 : A new study has revealed that sex drug Viagra can help men suffering from heart disease.

Dr Andrea Isidori, from Sapienza University, Rome, said that they found the main ingredient in Viagra could be an effective and safe treatment for heart disease, the Mirror reported.

The pill boosts blood flow, which could aid patients with dodgy hearts, and helps prevent the thickening of heart's main chamber.

The impotency drug contains an enzyme inhibitor that allows smooth muscle tissue to be more relaxed. This aids blood flow and combats erectile dysfunction.

Spain: Nursing assistant clear of Ebola virus

Spain: Nursing assistant clear of Ebola virusMadrid : Spain says a test has shown a nursing assistant who became infected with Ebola is now clear of all traces of the virus.

A blood test has revealed that Teresa Romero's immune system has eliminated the virus from her body, according to a statement released by Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy's office late today.

Manuel Cuenca, microbiology director at Madrid's Carlos III health care complex, says a second test in the coming hours is needed to absolutely confirm Romero's recovery.

Romero, 44, had treated two patients who died of Ebola at Carlos III hospital.

WHO won't discuss Ebola mistakes document

WHOLondon: The World Health Organisation said Saturday that it wouldn't explain details contained in an internal document in which the UN health agency said it fumbled early attempts to contain the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

In the draft document, which wasn't released publicly, WHO blamed numerous factors for the now explosive Ebola epidemic, including incompetent staff, bureaucracy and a lack of reliable information.

"WHO will not do interviews or explain details on this document until it is completed," the health agency said in a statement Saturday. "WHO believes in transparency and accountability and will release this review when it is fact- checked."

WHO accused of 'failure' in response to Ebola outbreak in West Africa

WHO EbolaLondon, Oct 18 : The World Health Organization has been accused of 'failure' in its response to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, say reports.

According to an internal document, those involved failed to acknowledge 'fairly plain writing on the wall', reported the BBC.

Some sources close to the WHO reported about multiple failures in the Ebola epidemic's early stages.

The draft reports suggest that experts should have realized that traditional methods of curbing the outbreak would not be helpful in a region with porous borders and poor health systems.

Teen soda drinkers know how many miles to run to burn calories

soda drinkersWashington, Oct 17 : A new study has demonstrated that teens who noticed the printed signs that explained the number of miles they would need to walk to burn off the calories in a sugary drink were more likely to leave the store with a lower calorie beverage, a healthier beverage or a smaller size beverage.

The study conducted at Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health research showed that calorie counts on products and menus isn't enough to break Americans from their bad eating habits.

How Jet lag can lead to obesity revealed

Jet lagWashington, Oct 17 : A new study has observed that disruption of the gut microbes due to jet lag can lead to obesity.

The study showed that gut microbes in human and mice are controlled by a biological clock which ultimately leads to obesity and metabolic problems.

Senior study author Eran Elinav of the Weizmann Institute of Science, said that these findings provided an explanation for a long-standing and mysterious observation, namely that people with chronically disturbed day-night cycles due to repetitive jet lag or shift work had a tendency to develop obesity and other metabolic complications.

Plane isolated at Madrid airport for Ebola check

health ebolaMadrid : An Air France plane was isolated at Madrid's airport on Thursday because of a suspected Ebola case after a passenger was reported to have a fever and shivers, officials said.

The passenger, who had traveled from Lagos, Nigeria, was taken by ambulance to an unspecified hospital in Madrid but the rest of the passengers were allowed to leave the plane as normal, Air France said in a statement.

The flight, carrying 163 people, arrived in Madrid from Paris, the company said. The plane was taken to a special area of the airport.

Missing out on breakfast makes young adults overeat, gain weight

Missing out on breakfast makes young adults overeat, gain weight Washington, Oct 16 : A new study has revealed that eating protein-rich breakfast regularly can help young adults to control cravings and overeating, which sometimes ultimately leads to weight gain and other health problems.

University of Missouri found that eating breakfast, particularly meals rich in protein, increased teens' levels of a brain chemical called dopamine, associated with feelings of reward, which might reduce food cravings and overeating later in the day.

Understanding the brain chemical and its role in food cravings could lead to improvements in obesity prevention and treatment.

Exercising three times a week cuts depression risk

ExercisingWashington, Oct 16 : A new study has demonstrated that people who are physically active three times a week are less likely to go under depression.

The study conducted at University College London (UCL) showed that people who increased their weekly activity reported fewer depressive symptoms but those with more depressive symptoms were less active, particularly at younger ages.

Energy drinks pose danger to public health, warn scientists

Energy drinksWashington, Oct 15 : A new study has revealed that increased consumption of energy drinks may pose danger to public health.

This effect was especially prevalent among young people, therefore, the scientists warned a team of researchers from the World Health Organization Regional Office.

Energy drinks are non-alcoholic beverages that contain caffeine, vitamins, and other ingredients for example, taurine, ginseng, and guarana. They are typically marketed as boosting energy and increasing physical and mental performance.

Part of the risks of energy drinks are due to their high levels of caffeine and are more likely to cause caffeine intoxication.

Fish oil supplements ineffectual for reducing irregular heartbeat

Fish oil supplementsWashington, Oct 15 : A new study has revealed that consuming high doses of fish oil supplements that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids do not reduce irregular heartbeat.

According to the study, 337 patients with atrial fibrillation, who had not received conventional antiarrhythmic therapy, were randomly assigned to 4 grams of fish oil a day or to placebo for up to 16 months and it was revealed that
64.1 percent of patients who had received fish oil experienced a recurrence of atrial fibrillation compared to 63.2 percent of those taking placebo.

Good diet, exercise during pregnancy linked to host of benefits for women

Good diet, exercise during pregnancy Washington, Oct 15 : A new study has revealed that healthy eating and increased physical activity, like walking during pregnancy is directly associated with a range of improved outcomes at birth.

Until this study was conducted, there had been little evidence about the overall benefits of dietary and lifestyle interventions on women.

Researchers from the University of Adelaide said that the results is world's biggest study of its kind and offered healthy eating and exercise advice to pregnant women who are overweight or obese.

Soon, get customized treatment for stress-related diabetes

stress relatedWashington, Oct 15 : Scientists are working on new personalized way of treating people who have stress-related diabetes.

Researchers at Lund University in Sweden have been testing a treatment for type 2 diabetes, which targets the disease mechanism itself and not just the symptoms. For the first time, knowledge about the individual patient's genetic risk profile is being used, and the treatment completely restores the capacity to secrete insulin, which is impaired by the risk gene.

Living next to highway can increase cardiac death risk in women

cardiac death risk in womenWashington, Oct 14 : A new study has revealed that living near a major road may increase the risk of dying from sudden cardiac death in women.

Lead author Jaime E. Hart said that it's important for healthcare providers to recognize that environmental exposures may be under-appreciated risk factors for diseases such as sudden cardiac death and fatal coronary heart disease and on a population level, living near a major roadway was as important a risk factor as smoking, diet or obesity.

High carb diet, acidic sports drinks hits athletes' dental health

High carb diet, acidic sports drinks hits athletes' dental health Washington, Oct 14 : A new study has indicated that high carb diet, acidic sports drinks and eating disorders affects athletes' dental health which ultimately affects their overall performance.

The UK and North American authors, all experts in dental health and sport and exercise medicine, pointed out that dental consultations accounted for almost a third of all medical visits at London 2012, and that demand has continued to increase at subsequent major competitive events.

Men likelier to feel lonely in old age than women

Men likelier to feel lonely in old age than womenLondon, Oct 13 : A new study has found that men are more likely to face loneliness in old age than women.

According to a recent research conducted by the International Longevity Centre (ILC-UK) and the charity, Independent Age, by 2030 the number of older men living alone in England would rise by 65 percent, the BBC reported.

As per the study, males feel hesitant when it comes to joining some club for older people, and Independent Age chief executive Janet Morrison said that a man's social life often becomes limited their once their batter halves have passed away.

Google testing patient-doctor video chat service

Washington, Oct 13 - Google is testing a new service which connects people with medical conditions to doctors over video chat.

The feature was first revealed by a Reddit user who posted a screenshot of the service online, and Google representatives later confirmed its authenticity.

Google explained that their goal is to provide most helpful information available to people searching for basic health information, The Verge reported.

The service ties into Helpouts, a marketplace where experts can charge to give lessons and advice over video chat.

Obese people cannot convert 'white fat' to calorie-burning 'beige fat'

Obese peopleWashington, Oct 10 : A new study has revealed that exposure to cold temperatures can convert white fat tissue from the thighs and belly to beige fat that burns calories for heat, but this biological response is hampered in obese people.

While white fat can burn calories when it takes on some characteristics from brown fat tissue, the tissue created in this process is called beige fat. When rodents are exposed to cold temperatures, they can convert white fat deposits to beige fat.

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