Zynga sues ‘Bang With Friends’ for trademark infringement

Zynga sues ‘Bang With Friends’ for trademark infringementGaming giant, Zynga has filed a lawsuit against casual sex app `Bang With Friends' claiming that the app violates its trademark rights.

The company is arguing that the name of the app abuses it's `With Friends' moniker that is used in family-friendly games. The company filed a lawsuit against eth app maker on Tuesday for trademark infringement of "with friends" franchise. The company provided references of its social games including Words with Friends, Crumble with Friends, Hanging with Friends, Chess with Friends, and more to prove that franchise is linked to family-friendly games.

Zynga said in a complaint filed in Federal District Court in San Francisco that, "This is a case about illegal free riding on recognized and valuable intellectual-property rights. The 'WITH FRIENDS' brand is strong and has been associated with one company -- Zynga."

The complaint also said that 'Bang With Friends' app misuses Zynga's famed WITH FRIENDS family by creating confusion and falsely linking the app to Zynga. Bang with Friends is an iPhone and Android app for Facebook users. The app was launched in January on the internet and it claimed in May that is had about 1 million one-night-stand seeking users.