VW Passat parks by remote control

Hanover, Germany  - Volkswagen has developed a new park assist system that can park a vehicle by remote control without a driver behind the wheel.

Presented at the recent Hanover Fair, the driver was seen getting out of a Volkswagen Passat, slamming the door shut and aiming a remote control at the car as he walked away. The car then drives itself into an empty parking space.

The system independently switches off the engine and activates the door locks. According to the car maker the park assist is designed mainly for perpendicular parking space found often in underground car parks, allowing little space for the driver to get in and out of the car.

The only thing the driver needs to do is select an available space on the monitor of the navigation system, set the selection lever of the automatic-drive vehicle (DSG) to "P" and alight from the car.

Cameras located to the left and right exterior mirrors measure the parking space and guide the vehicle into the parking space.

According to Volkswagen, the system is still in the trial phase with a date not set yet for series production. (dpa)

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