eBooks are easy on the eyes

eBooks are easy on the eyesHanover (Germany), Dec 6 - All of the competitors in the current generation of electronic reading devices are equally good when it comes to presenting digitalised books. They offer long battery lives and their displays are easier on the eyes than the displays found on smartphones or laptops.

That's the conclusion reached in a recent comparison of six current models by German computer magazine c't.

Goalkeeper Enke's widow overwhelmed by German mourning

Robert EnkeHanover, Nov 27 : Robert Enke's widow Friday expressed her gratitude about the nationwide outpouring of mourning over the Germany oalkeeper's death.

"I am lost for words about the overwhelming sympathy around the death of my husband. I was able to experience how much sympathy and respect was felt for Robert," said Teresa Enke in the stadium

magazine of his club Hanover 96.

Enke, 32, committed suicide Nov 10, with Teresa Enke revealing the next day that he suffered from depression.

Road tunnels risky for respiratory patients

Road tunnels risky for respiratory patientsHanover, Germany  - People suffering from a chronic respiratory ailment should turn on their car's ventilation fan and close the windows before passing through a road tunnel, the German Lung Foundation (DLS) said.

The reason for the precaution is the especially high levels of harmful pollutants in tunnels, the DLS pointed out. It advised motorcyclists to avoid entering tunnels altogether when traffic is congested.

Swimming can alleviate asthma symptoms in children

Swimming can alleviate asthma symptoms in childrenHanover  - Children with asthma can ease the symptoms of the condition by swimming, according to a scientific study from Taiwan.

Swimming increases lung capacity and improves breathing techniques and general fitness in young people, said the German lung foundation in Hanover in reporting on the Taiwanese study.

Some notebooks can easily replace desktops

Hanover  - Except for colour-intensive photo processing work, contemporary 16 and 17-inch notebooks are perfectly adequate replacements for desktop PCs, reports German computer magazine c't.

The magazine tested five 16-inch and two 17-inch notebooks. Image quality in four of those did not hold up, even compared to cheaper monitors. But Sony's Vaio FW, Dell's Studio XPS 16 and Apple's MacBook Pro 17 had "overall better colours than most external monitors," albeit, with a more limited viewing angle.

Battery times differed greatly, with a range from 2 to 4.3 hours. Surprisingly, there was little difference in computing power. Those differences could only be determined thanks to software-testing programmes.

Japanese teenager wins German violin prize

Japanese teenager wins German violin prizeHanover  - Japanese teenager Fumiaki Miura is the winner of this year's International Violin Competition in Hanover, the organizers announced on Saturday.

The 16-year-old, who studied in Vienna, is to receive a 50,000- euro (73,500-dollar) prize after performing a violin concert by Peter Tchaikovsky.

The prize also includes the three-year loan of an 18th Century Italian violin made by Giovanni Battista Guadagnini.

The Hanover-based competition is put on every three years by the Foundation of Lower Saxony.

Hardening your browser against attacks

Hanover, Germany  - Safe surfing on the internet means more than just a good anti-virus program and a firewall. The browser needs to be safeguarded against attacks from the internet as well.

Many websites require the use of small JavaScript programs to display their content. JavaScript can open security holes in a browser, however, which means that hackers frequently use the software as the starting point for an attack, reports Hanover-based computer magazine c't.

Graphic cards can aid in video conversions

Hanover, Germany  - Most PCs aren't up to the task of converting video between formats. But outfitted with the proper graphics card, they can often take on the job.

Graphics cards that fit that bill are affordable these days, reports c't, a German computer magazine. Nvidia and ATI have new chips out - the Cuda and the Stream - that can give a helpful hardware boost.

Any contemporary graphics card outfitted with chips from one of these manufacturers can speed up a PC's video conversion, reports the magazine. And, since they're cheaper, a new card is a better investment than a new processor, reports the magazine.

As a bonus, computers will become noticeably quicker at converting videos into standard formats like MPEG-4 (H. 264).

Enke does not expect speedy return after infection

Germany goalkeeper Robert Enke Hanover, Germany  - Germany goalkeeper Robert Enke does not expect a quick return to the Hanover team as he recovers from a bacterial infection.

"At the moment I am a long way from returning to goal," Enke said Thursday.

"I can only go for light runs. I will start doing some individual training next week."

Earlier this week Germany coach Joachim Loew said he would not be selecting the 32-year-old keeper for next month's World Cup qualifiers.

Successful visit to hairdresser includes thorough consultation

Hanover  - A visit to the hairdresser that ends in embarrassment, tears and a cap over the head certainly is undesirable.

Ideally, the customer returns home with exactly the hairstyle she wanted. The path to this goal is forged by preparing well. Knowing your own style helps, as does understanding your hair type and the shape of your head and matching colour. Looking at photos in a

magazine provides little assistance, experts say.

Keeper Enke discovers cause of illness, out for two more weeks

Keeper Enke discovers cause of illness, out for two more weeks Hanover, Germany - Germany goalkeeper Robert Enke has been diagnosed with a stomach infection which will sideline him for a further two weeks, his club said Friday.

The 32-year-old Hanover player will require medication for the bacterial infection and will reduce his training while he recovers, the club said.

Germany on course for World Cup showdown

Germany on course for World Cup showdown Hanover, Germany - Germany stayed on course for a World Cup qualifier show-down with Russia in Group 4 after beating Azerbaijan 4-0 in Hanover.

Second-half substitute Miroslav Klose scored twice against a ten- man Azerbaijan, adding to the first half penalty by captain Michael Ballack. Lukas Podolski scored the final goal for his side late in the game.

German state to begin training imams next year

German state to begin training imams next year Hanover, Germany - A German state is to begin training its own Muslim clergy next year, offering a course at the University of Osnabrueck, an official said Monday.

The course will be the first ever for German-language imams and will be similar to theology-degree courses for Catholic priests, Lutheran ministers and Jewish rabbis at public universities.

Uwe Schuenemann, interior minister of Lower Saxony state, said the locally trained men would replace Turkish prayer leaders who usually only served three-year assignments at mosques in Germany and did not integrate.

Hurdles abound on the path to wireless internet access

Hurdles abound on the path to wireless internet access Hanover  - Wireless internet access is rapidly becoming the standard for online access. In Germany alone, 40 per cent of all households accessed the internet wirelessly in 2008, reports BITKOM, a German industry association.

These wireless local area networks (WLAN) can let people access the internet from computers anywhere in their home - the living room, the garden or on a balcony - without going to the trouble of plugging their computer into a phone or cable outlet. But that doesn't mean these connections are always without problems.

USB sticks with eSATA port work quicker

USB sticks with eSATA port work quicker Hanover  - USB sticks outfitted for eSATA ports can save time. Data stored on those sticks can be read much faster than on traditional USB sticks, reports German computer magazine c't.

Users will need a computer with a combo USB/eSATA port. That lets the tiny storage devices draw power from the USB portion while transferring the files via eSATA. The sticks are roughly half as expensive as standard sticks with comparable capacity. Several producers offer units with capacities of up to 64 gigabytes. (dpa)

Hanover appoint Bergmann coach

GermanHanover, Germany - German Bundesliga side Hanover 96 announced on Monday that Andreas Bergmann had been appointed coach of the professional side.

The former amateur coach has been in charge of the side on an interim basis since Dieter Hecking resigned two weeks ago.

Bergmann took the side to a 2-0 victory in Nuremberg in his first match but crashed to a 1-0 home defeat against Hoffenheim on the weekend.

"This is a good solution. Bergmann knows a lot about football and I stand by our decision," Hanover sporting director Joerg Schmadtke said.

Raid of Chinese eateries finds over 1,000 exploited Chinese chefs

Raid of Chinese eateries finds over 1,000 exploited Chinese chefs Hanover - A Chinese people-trafficking gang is thought to have smuggled more than 1,000 compatriots into Germany over a period of years to work as Chinese chefs, criminal investigators in Hanover reported Monday.

Hanover state prosecutors said they were investigating on charges of people trafficking and exploitation, after 1,300 police and customs officers had uncovered evidence spanning four German states.

Even discount PCs need some forethought before buying

Even discount PCs need some forethought before buying Hanover  - Even priced between 200 and 300 dollars, discount PCs are not necessarily a good deal if you don't think through the purchase carefully beforehand.

Relatively powerful hardware can be found for as little as 250 dollars, reports Germany's c't magazine, which tested various systems in that price class. That means, for example, a dual core processor, two gigabytes of RAM, and a DVD burner are standard components even for low-cost PCs. "You shouldn't be expecting a high-end configuration, though," the report notes.

Compromise expected in Continental power struggle

Karl-Thomas NeumannHanover - German car components giant Continental was on the brink of a deal Tuesday, ahead of a crucial board meeting hoped to end months of wrangling over top positions between the company and its new owner Schaeffler.

The compromise would see Continental's chief executive Karl-Thomas Neumann step down, as well as eventually remove Schaeffler's advisor Rolf Koerter from his executive position on the board of directors.

The deal, to be finalized ahead of Wednesday's board meeting, would also see the establishment of a broadened Continental directorate.

Continental CEO seems headed for exit in power struggle

Karl-Thomas NeumanHanover, Germany  - Karl-Thomas Neumann, chief executive of Continental, appeared to lose a power struggle early Friday at the major German supplier to the world car industry.

The company, which announced that a board meeting had debated replacing him, has been shaken by a 12-month feud between its management and its new owners.

As labour leaders raged at the effort to remove him, Neumann did not say at the end of a late-night supervisory board meeting that he was leaving, but he thanked his staff for all their hard work.

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