Virgin America Partners with ViaSat to provide Wi-Fi Connectivity to enable Flyers watch Videos
Virgin America Partners with ViaSat to provide Wi-Fi Connectivity to enable Flye

Virgin America has entered into a partnership with ViaSat. The partnership will bring Wi-Fi internet for flyers that can handle tasks like video and audio streaming. They can have a feel of using internet on plane like the way they do at home.

Officials stated that the internet connection will be present in 10 new A320 aircraft. The company will also have a beta pilot to test the service. In the initial test run, the service will be free for Virgin America's travelers.

David Cush, Virgin America's CEO, stated, "It uses Ka satellite across the domestic US. That will deliver speeds up to 30 times the speed of the original ATG that most airlines still fly, and 10 times what our current aircraft will do".

The ViaSat's satellite network, including ViaSat-1 and soon ViaSat-2, will provided the needed bandwidth. To cite an example, the Ka-band ViaSat-1 can offer speed of up to 140 Gbps.

Though Virgin is to enjoy the title of being a pioneer in in-flight Wi-Fi, it is not the first airline that has been taking steps to offer faster internet service. In February, Delta joined hands with Go. Last month, Honeywell, an aircraft maker, partnered with Immarsat for the same purpose.

But, it shall be noted that Virgin may be the first to actually provide the service. If all things go as per the plan then the first flight with a Ka-band antenna and ViaSat Internet with fly across America this September.

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