Vienna cinema starts monthly Doggy Day to attract customers!

London, Feb 7 :Doggy Day An Austrian cinema has employed a unique technique to lure more customers – allowing their pet dogs into the theatre.

The old Admiral cinema in Vienna has been struggling to attract customers after construction of multiplex cinemas nearby.

Thus bosses have started a monthly "Doggy Day" in a bid to attract more cinema-goers.

Visitors pay four pounds for a ticket while their pet pooches can go in for free and be given a blanket in which to snuggle up in their seats, as well as water and popcorn.

"The volume for the films is turned down a bit so as not to hurt the animals' ears,” the Mirror quoted a cinema spokesman, as saying.

Thomas Feldinger, who took his labrador Hanjo, to the cinema said: "He loved it in there and so did all the other dogs." (ANI)

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