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Keira Knightley refused to bare all for nude scene with Sienna Miller

 Keira Knightley refused to bare all for nude scene with Sienna MillerLondon, Mar 16 : Hollywood actress Keira Knightley has revealed that though she was unfazed when fellow-actor Sienna Miller stripped naked for a nude scene in `The Edge Of Love', she did not give her nod to baring all.

Though Keira revealed that Miller did the nude bathing scene, which also featured her, she decided to remain partially clothed because she feared the water might be too cold.

Brown’s visit didn’t really make waves in US

Brown’s visit didn’t really make waves in USLondon, Mar 5 : British Prime Minister Gordon Brown didn't quite say "I love you America," but he couldn't have been much more effusive about the other partner in the special relationship.

He opened his address to a joint session of Congress with the words "America's faith in the future has been, is and will be an inspiration to me."

Women ‘prefer men with deeper voices’

London, Dec 3 : Women prefer males with deep voices because it signals strength, dominance and good genes, a new research suggests.

The research among African hunter-gatherers found that men with deeper voices attract women more than those with squeaky ones when they are at their most fertile.

Deeper-voiced men are deemed better hunters who offer more protection, the study claimed.

According to the study, women who were nursing a child prefer higher-pitched male voices than fertile women who had not recently given birth, reports New Scientist.

Mayor triples congestion charge in Central London

London Police smash 100 million pound cocaine trafficking ring

London, Feb.

Meet the world’s smallest bodybuilder

London, Feb 13 :Meet the world’s smallest bodybuilder An Indian midget sta