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Mexican drug smugglers stuffed cocaine inside frozen sharks

cocaine inside frozen sharksLondon, June 17 : The Mexican Navy has seized over a ton of cocaine stuffed inside frozen sharks by smugglers.

Military pressure is forcing drug gangs to go to greater lengths to conceal narcotics bound for the United States, SKY News reports.

Navy officers cut open over 20 shark carcasses filled with slabs of cocaine after checking a container ship in a port in the southern Mexico state of Yucatan. X-ray machines and sniffer dogs had helped uncover the drugs.

“We are talking about more than a ton of cocaine that was inside the ship,” Navy Commander Eduardo Villa told reporters.

Keira Knightley refused to bare all for nude scene with Sienna Miller

 Keira Knightley refused to bare all for nude scene with Sienna MillerLondon, Mar 16 : Hollywood actress Keira Knightley has revealed that though she was unfazed when fellow-actor Sienna Miller stripped naked for a nude scene in `The Edge Of Love', she did not give her nod to baring all.

Though Keira revealed that Miller did the nude bathing scene, which also featured her, she decided to remain partially clothed because she feared the water might be too cold.

Brown’s visit didn’t really make waves in US

Brown’s visit didn’t really make waves in USLondon, Mar 5 : British Prime Minister Gordon Brown didn't quite say "I love you America," but he couldn't have been much more effusive about the other partner in the special relationship.

He opened his address to a joint session of Congress with the words "America's faith in the future has been, is and will be an inspiration to me."

Women ‘prefer men with deeper voices’

London, Dec 3 : Women prefer males with deep voices because it signals strength, dominance and good genes, a new research suggests.

The research among African hunter-gatherers found that men with deeper voices attract women more than those with squeaky ones when they are at their most fertile.

Deeper-voiced men are deemed better hunters who offer more protection, the study claimed.

According to the study, women who were nursing a child prefer higher-pitched male voices than fertile women who had not recently given birth, reports New Scientist.

Mayor triples congestion charge in Central London

London, Feb. 13: Mayor triples congestion charge in Central LondonThe Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, has announced plans for increasing the congestion charge for gas-guzzling cars in the city.

According to local dailies, drivers of petrol-guzzling cars will have to pay 25 pounds a day to enter Central London, triple the current general congestion charge. The most fuel efficient vehicles will be allowed in free.

London Police smash 100 million pound cocaine trafficking ring

London, Feb. 13:London Police Metropolitan Police today arrested 22 people in a massive operation across London that led to the dismantling of a drug trafficking operation worth at least 100 milion pounds.

At least 500 officers were involved in raids on 30 homes and businesses in the British capital, The Mirror reported.

As part of the operation, Metropolitan Police officers used a JCB digger to smash through a perimeter wall at a fortified thre million pound property in Hayes, West London, belonging to one of the suspects.

Meet the world’s smallest bodybuilder

London, Feb 13 :Meet the world’s smallest bodybuilder An Indian midget standing at 2ft 9in tall and weighing at 20lb, is the world’s smallest bodybuilder.

The midget, whose name is Aditya ‘Romeo’ Dev has weight equivalent to a 1-year-old.

Aditya, also known as Arnie is 19-year-old and pumps iron with customised 3.3lb dumb-bells, equivalent to a 15st bloke lifting 35lb weights.

Romeo, who has bulked his chest to 20in, biceps to 6.5in and thighs to 8in and his gym sessions dressed up in kiddies’ cartoon vest, shorts, and trainers, attract crowds in Phagwara, Punjab.

Brazil’s Jesus statue unscathed after being struck by lightning

London, Feb 13: Brazil’s world-famous statue of JesusBrazil’s world-famous statue of Jesus was struck by lightning in a bizarre thunderstorm.

According to reports, a strange aura appeared around the 130ft figure’s head and chest before disappearing in a flash, reports the Sun.

Shocked locals believe that Christ the Redeemer looked as if it had been illuminated by God’s hand.

It has also been reported that the 130ft figure, on the summit of Rio de Janeiro’s Corcovado Mountain, was left unscathed even after the uncanny event.

Archaeologists find earliest evidence of ancient Egyptian agricultural settlement

Washington, Feb 13 : Archaeologists have found the earliest evidence ever discovered of an ancient Egyptian agricultural settlement.

Discovered by Archaeologists from UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) and the University of Groningen (RUG) in the Netherlands, the findings included farmed grains, remains of domesticated animals, pits for cooking and floors for what appear to be dwellings.

None of the varieties of domesticated animals or grains are indigenous to the area, so they would have to have been introduced.

The findings, which were unearthed in 2006 and are still being analyzed, also suggest possible trade links with the Red Sea, including a thoroughfare from Mesopotamia, which is known to have practiced agriculture 2,000 years before ancient Egypt.

ManU fans blasted for selling memorial Munich scarves on eBay

Munich scarvesLondon, Feb. 12: Some fans of Manchester United have reacted angrily to the news of some other fans of the club putting memorial scarves given at Old Trafford to mark the Munich air crash up for sale on eBay.

The red and white scarves were handed out at Sunday's derby game as the club commemorated the 50th anniversary of the crash that killed eight of the fabled Busby Babes.

Some of the scarves were being flogged on the internet auction site within hours, with some going for more than 100 pounds.

The sales sparked fury among die-hard fans.

Now, a machine that can taste coffee

A machine that can taste coffeeLondon, Feb 12: The coffee industry might just bid adieu to expert coffee tasters, for researchers have devised a new mechanical method to assess the flavour of the beverage.
The researchers used a device called mass spectrometer to measure levels of compounds specific to a particular aroma in different types of coffee, and found that they could predict about flavours that nearly converged with the opinions of a panel of trained tasters.

Florida lawyer arrested over handshake!

London, Feb 12 : Florida lawyer arrested over handshake!A Florida lawyer has been charged with assault for shaking hands with the prosecutor over-vigorously. Kathy Brewer Rentas shook the hand of Assistant US Attorney Jennifer Keene so hard that her arm was nearly ripped out of its socket.

The 49-year-old was in court to represent her husband Anthony, who was arrested for violating the terms of his probation, when the incident is said to have occurred.

After the judge ruled that Anthony be placed under house arrest for 90 days and complete his probation, his wife insisted on shaking the hand of her opponent.

I’m pretty sure that Di and Dodi were engaged: Lawyer

Al Fayed Dodi London, Feb 12 : Mohamed Fayed’s lawyer told the inquest into the Harrods owner’s son Dodi and Princess Diana’s deaths that he was “pretty sure” the couple were engaged.

Stuart Benson, who worked for Mohamed Fayed for more fifteen years, told the jury that he had received a phone call from Dodi just two days before the crash, and that the latter had told him that he had some “very exciting news”.

“It was singularly short and pretty much the exact words (were) ’can’t really talk over the phone but my friend and I have very exciting news,” the Daily Express quoted him, as saying.

Extremists are spreading beyond Pak tribal areas: General Karamat

Washington, February 11 : Pakistan General Jehangir KaramatFormer Pakistan Army Chief General Jehangir Karamat has said that extremists are now spreading beyond far away mountainous tribal areas.

"The Talibans of Pakistan now operates in Swat, Bano, Waziristan and other areas. The extremists run about 260 madrassas in those areas. Out of which 80 are known to be active in training and preparing students for suicide missions," he said.

News Agency of Kashmir

News Agency of KashmirLondon, Feb 11: Jammu and Kashmir is back in news after being put on the back burner for some time, which was the result of Pakistan’s domestic problems.

In order to get latest news on Kashmir and South Asia see the following site, which is good, and is to a large extent an impartial news agency.

People can read and appreciate the hard work done by the journalists of Naknews.

Firdous Tak and Farooq Ganai manage the news agency, and people can send news directly to them on: editor@naknews.co.in or naknews07@gmail.com. (ANI)

Miliband appeals NATO not to abandon Afghanistan

London, Feb 11: Miliband appeals NATO not to abandon AfghanistanBritish Foreign Secretary David Miliband on Monday said that if the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) pulled its troops out of Afghanistan, or abandoned efforts to stabilise Afghanistan, it could degenerate into a "failed state."

"It would help precipitate even more dangerous insecurity in Afghanistan (if the international community pulled out),"Miliband told British radio.

If more efforts are not taken, Afghanistan could become a "failed state", he added.

Archbishop of Cantebury tears up original Synod speech, to improvise

Dr. Rowan WilliamsLondon, Feb. 11: The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams, is expected today to improvise a speech to the Church of England's 550-strong national assembly so that he can directly address the furore sparked off by his comments on sharia law.

Rowan Williams has torn up his original speech, choosing instead to respond to the criticism he has faced since raising the questions of the possible adoption of some aspects of Islamic law in Britain, the Guardian reports.

One in 14 workers in Britain are of foreign origin

London, Feb. 11:One in 14 workers in Britain are of foreign origin Believe it or not, one out of every 14 workers in Britain is a foreigner, and according to the latest Labour Force survey, the number of such workers has risen above two million mark for the first time.

The Daily Telegraph quotes the survey as saying that there has been a 75 per cent increase in workers from abroad in the last six years, while the number of British employees has dropped by half a million.

Brit Muslims outraged over environment minister's offensive inbreeding remark

British MuslimLondon, Feb. 11: British Muslims have expressed outrage over a minister's claim that their inbreeding has led to a high number of disabled children in the community.

Environment Minister Phil Woolas said there was a particular problem with British Muslims going through arranged marriages with cousins.

Woolas, who has a large number of Muslims in his Oldham constituency, said: "If you talk to any primary care worker, they will tell you that levels of disability among the Pakistani population are higher than the general population. And everybody knows it's caused by first cousin marriage."

"Dinosaur" Pak army putting West at peril, says military officer

"Dinosaur" Pak army putting West at peril, says military officerLondon, Feb. 11: A Western military official has said that the failures of the Pakistan army in pinning down al Qaeda and Taliban elements on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border puts the West at constant risk of an attack from these extremist elements.

Staung that the Pakistan armed forces are ill-equipped and untrained in counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism operations, the official warned of extremist attacks becoming large scale and unmanageable.

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