Unlock these benefits by renewing your Car Policy online

Unlock these benefits by renewing your Car Policy online

Security is essential in all aspects of life. The Insurance industry recognises this and offers different General Insurance Policies to safeguard possessions like your property, health, commercial assets, etc. Your motor vehicle also comes under its coverage. However, unlike other plans, you do not have a choice. Get it insured under the Motor Vehicles Act if you own an automobile. Failing to do so robs you of the privilege of driving on Indian roads.
Since it is a compulsion, buy Car Insurance from several policy providers. They cater to the increased demand with competitive offers. Earlier, buying and renewing the policy involved visiting the Insurance agents' office. But today, online mediums empower you to buy and renew your Insurance Plan online. This makes the annual renewal process hassle-free. You need not go through the lengthy formalities. Online renewal exposes you to the following:

Easy comparison

Buying Insurance is not a one-time activity. This means you are not bound to the insurer you buy the policy from. The renewal allows you to transfer your plan to another insurer for a better offer. When you opt for online Car Insurance renewal, compare such deals within clicks. Almost all policy providers have extended their presence online. They mention everything related to the policy on their portals. This makes comparing their quotes easier.


Online modes have made it convenient to perform complex tasks through your devices. Hence, you need not physically visit financial companies to comply with essential procedures. The same goes for Car Insurance renewal. You do it from the insurer's website anytime, anywhere. This saves time and reduces paperwork. As renewal before expiry is essential, doing it online is the smart way to prevent the policy from lapsing.

Seamless switching

Switching insurers are a lucrative option to subscribe to better coverage at a lower premium. During renewal, if you find an Insurance company providing the best features at a reasonable cost, you can switch quickly. When you opt for Car Insurance renewal online, everything gets carried out digitally. Hence, there is no hassle of paperwork or physical visits to the insurers' office. You only need to intimate your existing policy provider and port the policy.

Secured procedure

Insurance websites use high encryption security to protect your information. Like other financial institutions, insurers value your data. Hence, they let you log in through two-step verification. Also, they use secured payment gateways to accept your premium amount without fraudulent threats. If you get stuck, instant assistance is available to guide you through the process. Do so by calling the toll-free number or using the chatbot option while renewing the Car Policy.

NCB transfer

No Claim Bonus is a reward provided to policyholders when they complete a claim-free Insurance term. It is a discount ranging between 20% to 50% on the premium amount. If you complete five consecutive years without raising claims, it extends up to 50%. The reward is more attached to the policyholder than the policy. You can transfer it based on your convenience despite changing the plan. Do this within clicks during Car Policy renewal.

The mentioned benefits make it easier to renew your Auto Insurance before expiry.