The Universe: Sex in Space Explores Human Side of Space

The Universe: Sex in Space Explores Human Side of SpaceThe thought of extended human excursions beyond Earth is within a decade's reach as NASA maps long-term tasks for lunar settlements and the independent space tourism business burgeons. As the human drive for intimacy and procreation will have to struggle with extreme environments of space, The Universe series explores the human factor in a historic episode: Sex in Space.

The Universe series, now in its third term, will break ground when it premieres the chapter Sex in Space on The History Channel this week. The topic has been considered taboo.  

But, as mankind moves to discover and settle space, the truths of sexual relationships and reproduction need to be relevantly covered.

The show researches the physiological, mental and educational challenges of the human factor of sex in space, and will dip into how the severe environments of space exploration might effect copulation, conception and rising human tissues, plus how issues around sex might impact the emotional lives of astronauts.

Prototype space hotels have been effectively orbiting Earth for a year and aims for long-term lunar settlements are inside a decade. As space enterprises in the private sector triumph with aviation/aerospace milestones including Burt Rutan's SpaceShipOne, the first manned privately launched spaceship, and space tourism businesses begin to burgeon, and add to the mix that migration to space is advocated as an insurance of humanity's long-term survival, The Universe: Sex in Space pioneers the speculated boom in space sex with a groundbreaking episode for the history of humankind.

Theoretical physicist Michio Kaku and Vanna Bonta, FLIGHT quantum fiction series author and inventor of the 2Suit, a flight garment that stabilizes human proximity for various forms of intimacy in microgravity environments, are among guests joining The History Channel premiere, which covers the topic from the sex act through birth and may get to the bottom of the rumors to find out if space sex has already happened.

Rating: TV14

    Tuesday December 2 at 9 PM / 8 PM (CST)
    The Universe: Sex In Space on The History Channel