Tokyo 2020 Will Follow the Original Schedule: Olympics Organizers

Tokyo 2020 Will Follow the Original Schedule: Olympics Organizers

Tokyo Olympics are approaching and coronavirus is leading to panic among some of the people involved with the games. Olympic organizers have repeatedly said that Olympics won’t be postponed or cancelled.

The major issue of concern is about the qualifying events but the Olympics are still far. Organizers are confident that the virus issue will be completely under control in few weeks but many people involved with pre-planning are not very sure.

With airlines like Lufthansa, Qatar Airways and Qantas planning to reduce its daily flights by almost 50 percent, people aware of the travel sector trends are concerned. Their concerns are genuine as many consumers have cancelled their leisure trips. People should consider many factors before they cancel their plans for holidays. Coronavirus cases are emerging across the world but there is no need to panic. The number of cases are still very low and governments across the world have taken the much-needed steps to control virus.

Sponsors of Olympics events are concerned and they are getting nervous about the impact of virus on crowds. However, they should keep in mind that there won’t be a big impact on people watching the games on TV or Internet. And, if more people stay at home, viewership at home will definitely rise, leading to better revenues for TV and internet based platforms.

As per a news published by Japan Today, “The final decision belongs to the powerful International Olympic Committee chief, Thomas Bach. Companies such as Coca-Cola Co, Bridgestone Corp, Canon Inc, Toyota Motor Corp and Panasonic Corp sponsor the Games, and Japanese brands have for decades been some of the most generous.”