Tibetans affected by landslides in Shimla assured rehabilitation

Shimla, Sept 23: Authorities in Shimla have assured the Tibetan exiles, who have lost their livelihood after their shops got buried under a massive landslide, that they would be rehabilitated.

At least 17 people were killed and scores injured on September 20 when around twenty makeshift shops and a dozen houses at the famous Tibetan market came down crashing due to landslides.

Authorities said that they are committed to rehabilitate the Tibetans.

J. S. Rana, Deputy Commissioner, Shimla District Administration has said that the Government will relocate the affected people.

The exiles, whose livelihood is anchored to the roadside shops, said that they have approached the authorities for relief.

"A lot of people have lost their livelihood. We have lost 16-20 shops, and the entire market is closed because of the landslide," said Tenzin, a shopkeeper.

The Tibetan market has been a landmark of the town for the past 40 years but now it is being suggested that the market should be shifted to protect the Ridge road. (ANI)