Tesla’s innovative package can transform Cybertruck into functional boat

Tesla’s innovative package can transform Cybertruck into functional boat

In a bold move reminiscent of his prior declarations, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has officially announced that the EV giant has plans to introduce an innovative "mod package" that can convert the Cybertruck into a fully functional boat. The boat envisioned by CEO Musk isn’t a conventional vessel. Converted with the help of the so-called mod package, the Cybertruck boat would be capable of navigating at least 100 meters of water. Musk, renowned for his ambitious projects and futuristic ideas, previously mentioned the pickup truck’s potential to function as a brief watercraft, especially in off-road situations.

While the billionaire entrepreneur's previous statements about Tesla vehicles doubling as boats were met with skepticism due to warranty considerations, his affirmation on the concept with the Cybertruck is being taken seriously. The all-electric pickup truck, which has been designed for rugged off-road adventures, aligns more understandably with the idea of aquatic capabilities.

Just last year, Musk had declared that the Cybertruck would be waterproof enough to serve as a boat, which would enable users to easily cross rivers, lakes, and even seas with calm waters. He even envisioned the EV crossing the water between SpaceX's Starbase and South Padre Island in the U.S. state of Texas, covering a distance of approximately 360 meters (roughly 1,100 feet).

The recently revealed "Wade Mode" as part of the Tesla Cybertruck's off-road features pressurizes the vehicle’s battery pack to augment its waterproofing, making it better suited for water navigation. In response to a statement from Lars Moravy, Vice President (VP) of Engineering at Tesla, regarding Cybertruck owners connecting an electric outboard motor to the pickup for aquatic adventures, Musk confirmed that the company is really planning to sell a package capable of turning the EV into a boat. He also made it clear that the main modification would involve upgrading the cabin door seals, guaranteeing a water-tight seal for the unique transformation.

Unfortunately, in spite of Musk's confirmation, specific details about the so-called "mod package" and its availability are still under wraps. It is worth noting here that this isn't the first time the concept of turning the Cybertruck into a boat has been shared. Following the EV’s official unveiling in the year of 2019, a company designed a kit that could convert the Cybertruck into an electric catamaran, showcasing the versatility and adaptability of this revolutionary electric pickup.

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