Tesla quietly discontinues 7-day return policy; unsatisfied buyers being redirected to service department

Tesla quietly discontinues 7-day return policy; unsatisfied buyers being redirected to service department

Tesla’s seven-day return policy, which allowed an unsatisfied buyer to return the Model 3 car to the company any time during the first week of ownership without facing any questions, has been discontinued.

Directing the internet browser over to the electric car maker’s support/return-policy page no longer redirects to the page that one would expect to describe an industry-leading return policy. Instead, it redirects to the company’s main support page. It means, anyone want to return their newly bought vehicles are now being put in touch with Tesla’s service department.

Earlier the return policy page used to state, “We are confident that you will feel great about your new vehicle, and so are giving you time to experience and enjoy your new Tesla. Subject to the terms and conditions of this policy, if you are unhappy with your vehicle, you may return it to us within seven (7) calendar days.”

Anyone unhappy with his or her new EV is now being directed to Tesla’s service department. It remains unclear how many owners took advantage of the renowned EV maker’s now defunct seven-day return policy. While the company has discontinued its seven-day return policy, buyers can still refuse delivery of their new cars if the vehicle does not meet their standards.

The terms and conditions of the return policy would include the condition that the Model 3 vehicle must not have 1,000 or more miles on the odometer, and it must be returned within seven days of the purchase. Moreover, there would not have any damage to the vehicle to avail the return policy for a full refund.

The seven-day return policy was introduced by Tesla in February of 2019, by the company chief executive officer (CEO) Elon Musk officially announced the launch of much-anticipated $35,000 Model 3 EV. It may be noted here that the cheapest Model 3 version currently available to order from the company has a price tag of $37,990.

It remains unclear why the Palo Alto, California-headquartered EV maker put an end to the seven-day return policy. However, a recently published reliability report based on data collected by JD Power provides some insight. In the report, JD Power indicated that Tesla vehicles rank among the worst in terms of reliability in the United States. It pointed out that Elon Musk-led Tesla Motors’ owners reported more issues with their cars in the first three months of ownership than any other American brand.

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