Tesla, MG emerge as leaders in Europe's EV sales surge

Tesla, MG emerge as leaders in Europe's EV sales surge

Europe's new car market experienced a significant surge in demand for electric vehicles (EVs), thanks to notable contributions from American brand Tesla and British automotive marque MG. Seizing the soaring consumer fascination with electric driving, Tesla got a total of 33,809 electric cars registered in Europe during the month of August this year. The figure represents an impressive increase of 240 per cent from the corresponding period the previous year, positioning the American brand ahead of established European brands like Citroën, Fiat, and Opel. Tesla trailed merely 3,600 units behind Ford in the fast-expanding European EV market.

According to data collected and shared by JATO Dynamics, Tesla's triumphant journey in terms of EV sales continued, thanks mainly to the success of the Model Y electric crossover and Model 3 electric sedan. The former has once again showed its dominance as Europe's best-selling electric model, and its strong position is likely to remain until the end of this year. The American brand’s latest report indicates an impressive increase in Model Y sales, with more than 169,000 units sold in August, marking a 216 per cent jump. This situation may be seen as a somewhat embarrassing shadow over the aforementioned European car makers, as a foreign automaker outshined them all.

Meanwhile, Elon Musk-led Tesla is strategically wielding price reductions for the Model 3 to further expand its already broad customer base and snatch potential buyers from other manufactures. It is trying this strategy, particularly in the highly competitive C-segment. Anticipation is high for the upcoming updated version of the EV, promising further growth.

Tesla’s success is the result of well-timed actions, starting with the gradual introduction of the Model 3, followed by an expansion of outlets across the region. It helped the company in sustaining the Model 3's popularity until it successfully restyled the vehicle. The introduction of the Model Y, coupled with the company’s strategic price reductions, also cemented its momentum, keeping the widely-popular brand on the path to success.

Amid the ongoing shift from ICE-powered vehicles to pure electric ones, MG has also emerged as a major disruptor. While positioned as a British brand, MG is entirely conceived, developed as well as manufactured in China. With nearly 14,900 units sold in August, MG impressively secured a spot in the European top 20 brands. In terms of sales, it outshined well-established brands like Suzuki, Mini, Mazda and Jeep. With electric models constituted a noteworthy 59 per cent of this volume, MG jumped to 7th spot among the best-selling battery electric vehicle (BEV) brands. This achievement even surpassed household names like Opel, Audi, Peugeot, Renault, and Skoda.

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