Yahoo Search Service adds Variety of Commercial Models

Yahoo Search Service adds Variety of Commercial ModelsYahoo! announced to add variety of commercial models in its BOSS (Build Your Own Search Service) service, from recently announced free-based models to revenue sharing through advertising and co-branding of sites.

David Filo, co-founder of Yahoo, in sidelines of Yahoo's Open Hack Day in Bangalore, said, "We will look at a variety of options."

Yahoo's Open Hack Day is basically a developer event aimed to bring Yahoo! developers together. It is the seventh Open Hack Day in the world while second of its kind in India started on February 14 with participation of about 360 participants.

Yahoo's BOSS, announced last year, allows developers, students and start-ups to use Yahoo's search infrastructure and algorithms and create their personal customized search services. Company had revised fee for the service due to increase in engineering costs for search, the field dominated by Google and Yahoo. The company has already a team of thousands engineers for the search while it intends to add more developers outside the company, clearly to make the process more economical.

Recently, Yahoo! closed down its briefcase service, an online storage platform due to decline in its use as people started to prefer e-mail for storage purposes.

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