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BSNL teams up with Nokia – Nokia will supply handsets for BSNL 3G subscribers

BSNL teams up with Nokia – Nokia to supply handsets for BSNL 3G subscribersThe public sector telecommunication company of India – BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited) and the Finnish manufacturer of mobile phones – Nokia have teamed up to provide 3G bundled handsets to the subscribers opting for 3G services. The senior officials from Bharat Sanchar Bhawan, New Delhi have confirmed that BSNL has tied up with Nokia to supply handsets for its 3G subscribers.

Dish Network launches Dish Earth channel exclusively on Dish Network

Dish Earth ChannelThe direct broadcast satellite service provider - Dish Network Corporation has launched Dish Earth, a new channel that is exclusively available on satellite platform Dish Network. The Meridian, Colorado based Dish Network's new channel Dish Earth offers 24-hour live views of Earth, and the passing views of the moon, Venus and even unidentified flying objects, with the help of the camera installed on the EchoStar 11 satellite of the company.

Bellperre unveils its luxury mobile phone Nero Gold

Bellperre unveils its luxury mobile phone Nero GoldThe manufacturer of luxury phones – Bellperre has unveiled its new high-end mobile handset Nero Gold. The Netherlands based Bellperre has launched its luxury Nero Gold mobile phone featuring precious gemstones like diamonds, rubies and sapphires.

China All Set To Launch ‘Robot’ To Help Lone Elderly

Harbin Institute of TechnologyChinese researchers, who make the final sprint toward its market launch, believes that a 1.6-metre tall robot with twinkling eyes will be a boon to the bed-ridden, infirm, lonely, disabled and elderly people.

Li Ruifeng, a member of the project with the Harbin Institute of Technology in this capital of northeast China's Heilongjiang Province said, "We are working on testing the precision functions and ways to reduce the cost in preparations for an anticipated market launch of the robot in two to three years."

UK government planning to keep the activities of internet users under surveillance

UK government planning to keep the activities of internet users under surveillanceThe government of United Kingdom is planning to give sweeping powers to the nation’s police, security forces, and intelligence agencies, to keep the activities of internet users under surveillance. The Gordon Brown government is planning to monitor phone calls, emails, visits to social networking sites and other such websites.

Ear noise may soon pave way for ''theftproof'' iPods, mobiles

London, Apr 26 : iPods and mobile phones may soon become theftproof, thanks to the unique sounds made by our ears.

Southampton University researchers have discovered that they can identify individuals from the faint sounds made deep inside the human ear. And, therefore, by using this technology they''re developing security devices.

Personal music players could be fitted with antitheft devices that detect "acoustic fingerprints" so they only work when they are being used by the registered owner.