EveryMatrix Software’s partnership with Competition Labs to help improve player retention, lifetime values

EveryMatrix Software’s partnership with Competition Labs to help improve player retention, lifetime values

Malta-based online casino software developer EveryMatrix Software Limited’s recently announced partnership deal with Competition Labs Limited is widely expected to help the company improve its play

Georgia Tech researchers develop “Sun Dial” mobile application specifically for Muslims

Sun Dial mobile applicationIt certainly is good news for Muslim brothers; they can now have a new mobile phone application that helps alert them at the time of their daily prayers. Well, the US researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology have developed the new mobile application specifically for Muslim brothers.

Royal Dirkzwager picks Progress Software solutions

Royal Dirkzwager picks Progress Software solutionsThe maker of business application infrastructure software – Progress Software Corporation yesterday announced that its Progress Software solutions have been chosen by a Dutch Maritime Information and Service provider. The Bedford, Massachusetts based American Software Company stated that Royal Dirkzwager has picked its Progress Software solutions to "automate the monitoring and analysis of real-time shipping information that tracks the arrival of cargo ships to ports around the world."

Adobe Creative Suite available in November

Adobe Creative Suite 4Munich - Adobe is releasing the latest versi

Now, a spy software to identify online paedophiles

Now, a spy software to identify online paedophilesLondon, Oct 19 : A computer program that can identify paedophiles, who pretend to be children on the Internet, is being developed by scientists at Lancaster University.

By analysing language and syntax used online, the new technology can reveal if an adult is masquerading as a child as part of the victim "grooming" process.

The scheme, known as Project Isis, will also be able to keep track of secret code words used by paedophiles as file names for child pornography.

Smarter hurricane evacuations would save hundreds of lives

Washington, August 29: A student from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), US, has developed a computer model, which shows that hundreds of lives could be saved through smarter hurricane evacuations.

Developed by Michael Metzger, the software could allow emergency managers to better decide early on whether and when to order evacuations — and, crucially, to do so more efficiently by clearing out people in stages.

The tool could also help planners optimize the location of relief supplies before a hurricane hits.